Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

(upbeat music) – Hey guys. Come get ready for bed with me. My first step during
nights on weeks like this when I’m doing press, I actually have tons of makeup on and I wanna remove it. So what do I do? I turn on the water. I wait for the water to get warm, ’cause I don’t like cold water on my face. And then I take my Clarisonic,
I love this little guy, I travel with him everywhere. And then I apply a little
bit of a cleansing gel. And I use Susanne Kaufmann. It has alpine herbs, I’m not
really sure what that means, but it’s really nice and delicate. And it’s perfect for the brush. So I apply like two little
or three spritzes like this. I take a bit of water, get my face all nice and wet. And then I turn this little puppy on. And in a little brush motion (buzzing) I apply it to my skin. This stuff doesn’t lather too much, but it really works well. And it kinda gets into every
single little nook and cranny, exposing all my spots that have been covered up by a day of makeup. There’s something really
herbaceous about this soap that I really like, that
feels really spa-like. Scents are very important to me. I like things that are super calming, especially after like a
manic day of running around. And this Susanne Kaufmann facewash just really feels kind of like meditative, and chill, and it feels
like you’re in a spa, so. And when it’s done is
usually when I’m done. And it removed all my makeup, and I can see it right on the brush head, which is very satisfying. (water splashing) Nice and clean. So now I’m gonna dry off. Because the Clarisonic is pretty intense I actually switch things up a little bit. And every once in a while I actually use a clarifying cleanser by Tata Harper. This stuff is all organic,
apparently it’s edible, though I haven’t tried it. Some of it’s fallen
into my mouth sometimes, is it delicious, no,
but is it good to know that it’s not dangerous, yes. This cleanser you can apply on dry skin and it lathers up beautifully. So, now that I have a nice clean pastiche, you can see the scar that was covered up, and this beautiful little
friend that’s right over here. Very fancy, but very good,
I use this as a toner. And it’s from La Prairie. And it’s the Lotion
Essentielle Caviar Luxe. My understanding of what a toner is, is that it opens up your
pores so that you can absorb all the products really well. As you can see I’m very
meticulous with how I apply it, and by that, not at all. And it gives you like a nice
little tingling sensation, which is really nice. And usually I only do my face, but after watching fellow Polish man Matthew Noszka’s video
for you guys, he taught me that you also should do your neck as well. This is from, as people like
to call her, Mean Christine. This is where I get my facials, downtown. And she gave me this herbal blemish gel, which dries the hell out of
any pimples that I may have. So it kind of feels like aloe. I take a little dab like this, it’s really nice and thick. And then I apply it right here, and it’s gonna dry up. And tomorrow morning it’s gonna be like really nice and crusty,
in the best way possible. Okay, so I’ve covered that little guy up so he’s protected. I’m not gonna be putting moisturizer or anything on that because
I need that sucker to heal. After you put your toner, you’re supposed to put a vitamin C serum. Mean Christine also recommended this. And just for the record, I didn’t come up with Mean Christine,
it’s a name that she’s given herself and she’s very proud of it. So I take a little bit
of this vitamin C serum, in a little droplet. And this stuff is intense. So I take a little bit and
then I dab it on my forehead. And then I rub it in. Nice little glossy finish. Kinda like when you’re
lacquering a duck breast. With this toner and vitamin C serum, I’ve noticed sort of like
a more evenness in my skin. I never really wore makeup up until about since Queer Eye started. And since then it’s sort of like, you get that sort of like buildup, and then over time it just kind of like my pores would get clogged, and yeah. And now I’m gonna put on my moisturizer. So the first thing I start with, it comes with a very fancy little spoon, but I’ve managed to lose it, probably right after I took
it out of the packaging. So I’m gonna use my pinky. Again, Jonathan says
that it’s the ring finger that you should use, that’s
like the easiest to apply. But my pinky is actually the easier one. So I apply a little bit under each eye. Try to keep it even so that the right side doesn’t get jealous of the left side. And then I apply it under my eye. And take the cream’s larger sister, which covers the rest of my face. And this one I apply a
little more liberally. Nice little thick coat. And then I rub it in. And then I have this thing
where I was born with like really dark circles under my eyes, and they get super puffy. And sometimes I don’t
have time for a mask. This is godsend. So it’s Acqua Di Parma Barbiere. And it’s basically a little eye roller that has hyalur… That has hyaluronic acid, I said it right. And you basically just
take the little ball and you roll it underneath. And it has like a really nice sort of cooling calming effect. And apparently it removes puffiness and the visibility of fine lines. In your mid-30s it’s something that you start thinking about. This is the Royal Fern Phytoactive
Hydra-Firm Intense Mask. And what I love about this,
the most important thing, other than its smell and the texture, this is a sleepover mask. So you actually put this on your skin, you let it soak up, and
then you go to sleep, and in the morning you
just like wash it off. So you don’t have to remove it. Or like some of these other
masks that just sort of like stay on and then you
have to scrub ’em off. My only tip for this is
like wait 10 to 15 minutes before you get on your pillow, because there was one
morning where I woke up and I had a whole imprint
of my face on the pillow. And it was kinda terrifying,
I may have screamed, it may have been a bit of a screech. And the very last thing, I
carry this in my gym bag, and I love it so much. I actually don’t even know what’s in it, but it’s Fellow Barber Everyday Tonic. I spray this after I take a shower, just like a light little mist if I’m not doing like a whole regimen. It tightens my skin and it
feels really nice and salty. And it makes me feel like I
just got out of the ocean. Then, right before I go to bed, I have a little duo of friends that I use. This is something that
I just got introduced to very recently, it’s called Som Sleep. These really help me get to sleep. When I have days that are super manic, when I’m doing a lot of press, or just around Tan,
Jonathan, Karamo, and Bobby, it takes me a while. I call it landing, at the end of the day when I wanna get to a place
where I can actually relax, and get some sleep, and
I’m not thinking about a million things that I
have to do the next day. This knocks me out. And the double whammy, I love melatonin, and I love gummies, and
what I love about these Olly Restful Sleep
gummies, they’re melatonin, but it also feels like you’re having like a little Welch’s
grape gummy situation. So, as much as I wanna have
10 of these in one shot I always try to only have two. Because there’s also plenty
of melatonin in the Som Sleep. So that’s my little like
nighttime duo situation. But the one thing that
I have to warn you about is please make sure that you’re gonna be sleeping eight hours
because I’ve taken this when I only have three
to four hours of sleep and I am a very loopy zombie
dragon the next morning. So that’s the last step of my
New York nighttime routine. But I travel a lot these days, I actually spend more
time away from my home than I do in my own bed. Don’t feel sorry for me, life is great, I’m very grateful. But I have a few things
that I like to travel with that sort of like make
me feel like I’m at home and I can take care of
myself whenever I’m, you know, out and about. So the first and foremost,
I’m obsessed with candles. And my very favorite
is Byredo Apocalyptic, although Treehouse is really nice too. This one is really great,
it makes me feel like I’m at home ’cause I always
burn them in my apartment. And I always carry a little baby or a large size with me wherever I go. I wish that I could light them on a plane but I feel like that would
be some kind of a hazard. But when I get into a hotel room it’s like nothing about it feels personal, whether it’s a really nice hotel. Whatever it is, if I light a candle, within 10 minutes the
place smells like home and I feel comfortable, and safe, and like, kind of like it’s the closest, it’s the next best thing to being in your own bedroom basically. Well now I’ve introduced you to like a million different products. Thanks so much for watching. And it’s time to go to bed.