Rock Climbing Safety : First Aid: Tips on Rock Climbing

Hi! I’m Brian from Eastern Mountain Sports
and on behalf of This clip we’re going to be discussing the importance
of the first aid kit. It’s always a great idea to carry a first aid kit along with your
climbing gear because you never know what kind of situations you run into. The most
basic kind of first aid kit is going to include some of the following things: they will have
some antiseptic towels to clean the wounds and get the dirt out, it should have a pair
of sterile gloves in the fact that any kind of blood you’re not going to want to be
in contact with that because there will be, you may have any kind of skin damage and that
blood you can transfer, also some Neosporin to clean and to keep that stuff cleaned out,
some sting relief for insect bites, Advil or Motrin for any kind of injuries it always
suppress the pain. Some more things that would come in a standard first aid kit would include:
some of your sterile gauzes to wrap your injury with, elastic bandages to wrap up any sprang
or swellings to reduce that. You also have some athletic tape use to wrap around any
kind of wounds or anything you need, some large gauze pads to help cover up any kind
of abrasions or deep wounds, you’ve got some mole skin in here to help cover up any
kind of blisters it’s always a great idea to carry this with you no matter what you’re
doing and as well as some regular small sized surgical sponges to help soak up any kind
of bio or blood that you’ll be exposed to.