Rosacea Skincare Basics | Rosacea Darlings Pt. 1

I am going to have a series for my rosacea
darlings, so that we can all figure this out together. And hopefully it provides a
great little context of rosacea skincare and how to get your skin as uninflamed
as possible, so you can stop thinking about your skin so much, and it just
becomes second nature – like anyone else’s skin is. And that way, also, in the
comments, we have somewhere where we can discuss what we’re using, what works, what
doesn’t work, and again, just because something works for one person with the
condition doesn’t mean it works for another person with that condition. We
have to figure things out for ourselves, but working together to discuss
reactions we’ve had can really help us have good groundwork laid. Hi, Loves! It’s
Ashley Sue! Welcome back to my channel! My whole life, I have had olive
complexion skin. I have had a deep dark tan. I was never orangy-colored. I was
never yellow. If anything, I had a little bit of a green hue to me. In my 20s that
changed. I got my first sunburns. I got a few vicious sunburns where I
turned electric red. In my 30s I have struggled. I have struggled with
depression, grief, loss, mourning… now the truth of it is, I probably started having
my first signs of inflammation and rosacea around the age of 32. I am soon
to be 38. My skin frequently looked sun burnt slightly in the summer and spring.
I assumed I had a little bit of a sunburn frequently. In autumn and winter
I just assumed that it was wind chapped, and then later at one point, I went platinum
Gwen Stefani blonde, and at times my face looked
muppet pink, and I just thought somehow that my hair color was kind of aggravating my
coloring and that it wasn’t working for me — and really I didn’t put much thought
into it. I didn’t have it in me to care and to wonder why. I woke up this year
and decided that I didn’t want to just survive any longer. I was ready to thrive.
I wanted to experience the magic and Sparkle that this life offers, and I
wanted to feel really good in my skin. I didn’t want to just LOOK like I was
doing okay. I wanted to FEEL great again. And in the middle of this epiphany of
wanting to experience life and the magic and Sparkle that it has again, I found
myself at a Clinique counter. So the lovely girl Tara at Clinique really
changed my life that day when she was talking to me — and she did half of my
face in a really talented job with one of their foundations. And I took a selfie —
and I looked human. I realized the other side of me kind of looked sick. It was
very pink. Turns out, Clinique was not right for me
it — mmm-mm. I had to actually return everything I got from the clinic counter
that day. I got a Clinique face wash… you feel like you can’t actually get the
cleanser off your face, and that always felt a little weird to me. But it feels
kind of like a wax apple. Well sure enough, within about three weeks I
started to get a lot of breakouts across my lower cheeks and my jawline. I also
got a Clinique moisturizer — not the dramatically the dramatic dramatically???
different dramatically dramatically???? moisture??? the yellow one that everybody
had! Within just about a week of using it, the consistency of it changed, and it
felt like mayonnaise on my face. First and foremost if you have rosacea, don’t
just look to beauty bloggers, and don’t just look to people like me for
answers — especially if you are in the middle of a major inflammation. That’s
when you need to be seeing a doctor — a specialized dermatologist. If you contact
a dermatologist about rosacea, call first and make sure one that your insurance
covers it. And then the second thing you want to ask is what their expertise is
with rosacea, and how much time they will take with you to talk about your
inflammation. When I went and saw my dermatologist, she she told me if I had
any interest in talking further about rosacea, that I needed to go see a
cosmetic dermatologist and that they would laser treat the capillaries — and
that wouldn’t be covered by insurance. I’m not looking to have my capillaries
lasered off and I’m definitely not looking for more out-of-pocket costs. All
I wanted to know was what to wash my face with, what to moisturize with, how to
best take care of my skin on a daily basis. She had no interest in it. I’m
clearly bitter. Moving on from her! So you have to take your health — you’re feeling
good — into your own hands! You can’t trust someone else to take care of you, and
even if they think they know what’s best for you, you need to be able to make that
final call. Do enough research where you feel good about the decision YOU make. And yeah, I’m the one here telling you that, which means I’m going to share some
stuff with you, but it may not work for you, or it may not be best for you. Remember that we have to be our greatest advocates, whether it comes to feeling
good physically or feeling good emotionally and mentally. No one’s really
going to take care of you. I know that might feel a little sad, but the truth of it is,
feels really darn good when you realize that you can do this yourself. You’ve got
this! Be in your own corner. I’m going to have multiple parts in this series on
rosacea for my rosacea darlings, but for now I’m
focusing on CLEANSING. Since I was in my mid-20s, I’ve been washing my face with
Desert Essence, and I liked it so much that I went and got these giant
containers of them. “Thoroughly clean face wash, original for oily and
combination skin…” it has tea tree oil and awapuhi. (Drops the bottle) I also always used these
Korean… they’re exfoliating towels… have you seen these? You used to only be
able to buy them in Korean grocery stores, but now they’re pretty popular,
and I’ve seen them kind of everywhere. So I walked into a Sephora. I actually talked
to a woman whose husband has rosacea. She suggested a lot of things to me — some of
them actually not so great for rosacea — be your own greatest advocate; do your
own research; don’t just trust one person. I knew I wanted to talk to them
about the First Aid Beauty, and I walked out of there with their skin
cleanser. Now I have two bottles of these. I have one for my shower and one for the
side of the sink. “Pure skin face cleanser with FAB antioxidant booster…
remove surface oil makeup dirt and grime… safe for sensitive skin, allergy tested,
fragrance free.” They’re far from the most expensive out there, but they do have a
price tag to them — but if you pay attention to Sephora and Ulta you can
often wait until there’s a 20% off coupon for prestige items, and then you
can get these for a lesser price. Sephora actually had them as a weekly wow a
little while back, and you could get it for about half price, which was
phenomenal. I switched to this. I’ve been using it about four or five months now.
The redness of my face has gone down. I have had no problems with breakouts. My
skin is happy. Yay for First Aid Beauty! Clearly! Also I
no longer use that scrubby cloth. I actually just use my fingers AND I have
these little scrubby things now. I found these at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Since I can no longer use my scrubby thing, I’ve been
using these silicone pads. They came in a little 3-pack, and I actually got in part
because sometimes I use oil on my skin – which I’ll get to that in a second – but
when I use the oil, in order to cleanse, to deep cleanse spots of my skin and to
get blackheads and extra sebum out of my pores, I will take one of these with oil.
I tend to prefer almond oil or avocado oil, and then I’ll just scrub and scrub
and scrub, and it feels so good. (Song: Lyrics “… and I can’t fight this feeling anymore… I’ve forgotten what I started fighting foooorrr… It’s time to bring this ship into the shore, And throw away the oars, fooorevvvver” (song ends) I do that for a really long time. I
really enjoy the way feels I’ve actually done it to the point of my skin bleeding
a little bit but apparently I really like rubbing my face. Now another thing
that we’re all tempted to do because it’s so trendy right now
is charcoal masks and those charcoal Biore strips in order to rip out the
gunk from our pores. I’m in the process of trying to perfect your own do-it-yourself at home facial clay masks, so I don’t want to say
too much until I have that figured out and can actually tell it to you. Now in
order to get makeup off my face, I have to pre-cleanse before I use the FIRST AID BEAUTY. I have to use another cleanser to help get the grime, the
mascara, the makeup off my face, and if you are wearing much makeup, too, you
probably have to do the same thing. A lot of makeup removers are a little iffy, so
I tend to use avocado oil or almond oil, and put it in a little travel-size
container and keep it my bathroom. and I blot that, I smudge out the
makeup off my face. It comes off really easily. Now obviously if I am washing my
face with oil, by the end of that, often I kind of look like an oil slick, so I
use a little bit of micellar water. It’s super calming and effective. Again,
always make sure there’s not added fragrance to it. But this is something
really effective and easy, and it helps get the thick oil off your face or the
thick cream cleansers that you’re using off your face before you properly wash
your face with, like, the First Aid Beauty face cleanser. It’s a system that I do,
but it takes care of my face. It keeps it from being inflamed. My skin is happier
than it’s been in close to a decade. Which comes to hydration! Now there are a
million types of moisturizers, but you need to make sure that you find
something that doesn’t have essential oil in it: no peppermint oil, no tea tree
oil, not even lavender oil. There are a number of ingredients you really need to
be careful when you’re looking for something safe for rosacea. You can’t even rely on products that say “for sensitive skin”
because they still may have ingredients that inflame rosacea. What I’m personally going try myself this autumn when my skin starts to get
drier than usual is the First Aid Beauty ultra thick – the ultra Repair Cream
intense hydration skin protectant with FAB antioxidant booster. Yes,
it comes in a tub. That’s not a good thing for me. Look! Finger gouges! It just
does not scream decadent or bacteria-free to me. And it is a bit thick and
creamy on the face. I use it at night. I’m also trying several things from The
Ordinary to give a shot for my face and see how those impact my skin. Those are
recommendations by Stephanie Nicole, whom I just can’t get enough of her. She’s
awesome. There’s a website you need to check out: it’s
It’s from the Rosacea Society which is a real-deal thing. I had no clue. It’s a
fantastic website. Yes chockfull of scientific information that’ll be useful
to you, but it also has a lot of laymen type articles they update frequently. You
know, best foods to eat that won’t inflame your skin, to products to use,
people to contact… You want to check out that website. It’s incredibly useful. My
next piece of advice: avoid the Clinique counter. Now I know they have a reputation
for taking care of our skin. They took care of your mama’s skin. I know they
kept it moisturized and clean. I know. I know you have nostalgic memories of
Clinique being in your medicine cabinet or on your counter. Too bad! Now I say that
because as wonderful as Tara was, she was a stepping point for me to realize how to
take care of my skin. Clinique was NOT the answer. No, having
rosacea is different than just having sensitive skin. It’s actually an
inflammatory reaction in your body. There’s no cure for it. You can treat it. You can help control it. You can lessen it. But if you have rosacea,
you probably are going to continue to have rosacea for the rest of your life.
You’re going to be dealing with capillaries breaking, with skin tightness,
and a combination of dryness and breakouts. Your doctors will recommend
things like Metrogel… and anyhow, you figure out what’s right for you! Try
things! Don’t — again, don’t just listen to one person. Be your own greatest advocate.
It’s not a disease where we need to raise money for it and feel like “poor
little girl”. It’s just a skin thing that a lot of us deal with. You also can’t
rely on things just because it says “botanics” or “botanical”, just because it
says “organic”, “all-natural”… sometimes those are just buzzwords, but so all those
things can still have ingredients in them that are not good for us. Now if you
have rosacea, there’s a good chance you also have problems with either oiliness
or dryness on the rest of your body, and there’s a whole variety of products that
you can use on THOSE parts of your body that are safe that you may NOT be able
to use on your face. Be careful with expensive products. Just because they’re
expensive doesn’t mean anything’s good. I just had to turn down a very fancy face
mask package that I was sent to try because it had peppermint oil in it, and
that’s something I can’t do. I’ve also been sent SK-II genoptics to try. This
is a pricey thing, and I was going to try to work on some of my sun spots and
freckles that have come up over the years, and I’m afraid to apply it
frequently, because I don’t want to exacerbate issues in my skin. My skin
seems to be under control right now. If you go into Ulta and you asked
about rosacea… turn around and walk out. NO one in Ulta knows anything about
rosacea. Run. No, yes, nationwide there’s probably five people in Ultas here and
there who have a clue, but the majority of people don’t. BUT you know what they want
to do anyhow??? SELL YOU CRAP. They’re going to send you to Algenist; they’re going to
send you to blah and blah and blah… that does NOT mean that’s right for your
skin! You need to try things. Ask for samples! If you are blessed enough to
have a Sephora in your area – if you are blessed enough to have Sephora nearby go
in and ask for some skincare samples of things with the purest ingredients
possible. Tell them you need moisturizers and cleansers that have NO fragrance
whatsoever, NO added color, NO essential oils. You
don’t want peppermint oil, you don’t want lavender oil, you don’t
want tea tree oil. These are things that will strip and screw up your face. You
really want to keep it as simple as possible, and then on top of that, you
have to figure out what consistencies you like. There are some products that
leave a tacky feel on the skin — I do not like a sticky face. Also some of those
products are world-class oils slicks that the oil never goes away. You will go to
sleep with oil on your face, and you will wake up still an oily, oily person, no
matter how dry you were before that. But ask for those samples! Try them! Do some
research! Check things out! There are several brands out there that have
things that are safe for rosacea skin. If you have stuck through this video, I
thank you very much for watching. I hope you got something helpful out of it that
will help you in your own skincare journey. Or again, if it triggers any
thoughts about things that YOU would recommend, or things that you think I
might be off-base about — leave a comment, let’s have a discussion on that! Let’s
get our skin taken care of and lets get educated. You can also find me over on
Instagram, and you can find me on Twitter. I am there, open for conversation on
either platform. Let’s take a deep breath in, and release!
I hope you have an excellent week and excellent weekend ahead of you! I hope
you have fun plans, as we are full-blast into autumn now. I hope for if you are where it is hot, I hope it cools off for you soon, and that you get some yummy
pumpkin pie, some flavorful coffee… I just hope you’re enjoying yourself, because
just trying to survive stinks. It just freakin stinks to be in a place of just
trying to get through. I hope that we all get to thrive. You’re going to get that. Together, we’re going to find that sparkle. God bless you! I love you, and until next
time! Bye! rosacea rosacea rosacea rosacea rosacea
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