Sacred Sexuality and Self Expression – How Art Reveals Hidden Messages

What thoughts are coming up as your drawing? As your painting? What do they mean to you? Keep going, do it for as long as possible…the
more we continue on the same piece of paper, the more we reveal, the more we uncover about
what is going on for us within. Once you feel like the piece is complete,
and you feel complete in the drawing/painting, take a look at it and just see what you see
in it. Look at the colours, the shapes, what does it mean to you? What does it feel to
you? Write your thoughts in a journal; take note of them because it’s you inner self giving a message to yourself. That’s how we receive messages from ourselves TO ourselves from the
parts of ourselves that are not as conscious as the person that we are in our day to day
living. The person that’s doing, doing, doing all the time. Take note, write in your journal and use this as a continuous tool if you’re struggling to know what’s going on for you inside and you need clarity about something,
begin with this practice and you will be astonished at what is revealed. I hope you’ve enjoyed this short training
video. I look forward to sharing more and hearing about how creativity and self expression has helped to reveal your inner thoughts and true feelings. If you’d like to experience this in a group, it’s often very powerful to do this with a group of other women because we connect and weave
with each other’s energy. And sometimes a simultaneous topic or issue can emerge in
everybody’s paintings that’s really exciting to see. So first begin at home and do this by yourself and if you’d like to join a group go to
and see when the next events are coming up…or if you want to host an event in your area,
get in touch at and I’ll look forward to discussing some possibilities with you. Until next time
Keep creating, keep connecting and I’ll see you soon,
Bye for now.