Safe Medication During Pregnancy

People who may be on medications asthma
is a big one which of course a young part of our population can already
be on chronic medications medication advice
oh I’m pregnant now can i still take these medications what are some of more
of the common medications that you find that you have – of course adjust or we
have to work together as the primary care physician? I think for most medical conditions asthma being
one of them most of the medication we take an asthma
is completely safe in pregnancy so you should not stop your medication just
because you became pregnant right the the medications that sometimes we
modified during pregnancy are going to be medications for high blood pressure
there are a lot of medications that are safe in pregnancy when you have chronic
hypertension however there are certain that can cause birth defects so we try
to stay away from ACE inhibitors which is the one that most people know about
which is like the center pill. That’s often scary for a patient because
efficient taking that medication for a while what’s kind of happened during my
blood pressure is my pregnancy gonna be in trouble and a lot of times we do end
up working. So if you’re pregnant and you’re on any of these medications
continue to take them don’t stop because you actually can do more harm but just
stopping the medication and rebounding having higher blood pressures and then I
was trying to now restore another type of medication to help. You should absolutely bring the medication on your
first prenatal visit because that very first opportunity with the case with ACE
inhibitors which is a common blood pressure medication that can be switched
from the very beginning correct? The main things to stay away during
pregnancy when you are or when you learn about being pregnant is obviously don’t
take any aspirin no motrin or ibuprofen people are always
concerned about those things because for example headaches are very common at the
beginning of certainly as the hormones are changing or because people stop
drinking coffee all of a sudden so they get rebound headaches so it’s just
important to know that you can take the the most safest or the safest drug out
there will be tylenol and during pregnancy.