Safety Precautions During General Electric Maintenance

Marine Online Understanding the need to take necessary safety precautions during maintenance for the electrical installations before attempting any electrical work there are some basic precautions you must bear in mind the possible dangers arising from the misuse of electrical equipment are well known electric shock and fire caused loss of life and damage to equipment regulations exist to control the construction installation operation and maintenance of electrical equipment in order to reduce the element of danger as much as possible where danger arises it is usually due to accident neglect off another contravention of the regulations electrical equipment and services and board ships must meet the minimum standards specified by the various national and international organizations the standards specified by the various organizations are met when a ship is designed built approved and classified it is the ship owner and is staffs responsibility to maintain the vessel and its electrical equipment in compliance with the requirements of the classification society throughout the ship’s lifetime the periodic electrical survey every four years is for checking that the installations meet the requirements the classification society the ship’s staff must operate equipment in a safe manner and maintain it in a safe condition at all times failure to do so is dangerous and could have disastrous consequences the ship staff should keep in mind an essential list of do’s and don’ts when working on electrical equipment do get to know the ship’s electrical system and equipment study the ship’s diagrams to pinpoint the location of switches and protection devices supplying distribution boards and essential items of equipment right down this information in a notebook note the normal indication from switchboards instruments so that abnormal operation can we quickly detected do operate the equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations do maintain equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or the ship owners maintenance procedures do check that circuits are dead by using a voltage tester before touching conductors and terminals do switch off and lock off supplies remove fuses and display warning notices before removing equipment covers prior to maintenance to ensure that all guards covers and doors are securely fitted and that all bolts and fittings are fitted and tightly secured don’t neglect or abuse equipment don’t leave conductors or rotating parts exposed don’t touch rotating parts don’t touch live conductors under any circumstances you should think safety at all times and developed an attitude of safety consciousness this may well save your life from the lives of others most accidents occur due to momentary loss of concentration or attempt the short-circuit standard safety procedures do not let it happen to you nearly everyone has experienced an electric shock at some time at best it is an M pleasant experience at worst it is faithful anyone who has access to live electrical equipment must be fully familiar with first aid and safety procedures related electric och as described in relevant safety act copies of these safety procedures should be displayed on board ship electric shock is caused by the flow of current through your body this is often from hand to hand off from hand to foot a shock current as low as 15 milli amp AC or DC may be fatal obviously the size of the shock current is related to the applied voltage and your body’s resistance and fortunately your body’s resistance goes down as applied voltage goes up this means that the shock current is further increased at high voltages the amount of your body resistance also depends on other factors such as your state of health the degree of contact with live wires and the amount of perspiration or dampness on your skin typical dry full contact body resistance is about 5,000 ohms at 25 votes fall into 2000 ohms at 250 volts elect shock is often accompanied by falling which may cause additional physical injury and require first-aid action if the shock victim is unconscious resuscitation must take place first before doing anything else check the resuscitation techniques illustrators on the electric shock posters displayed on board all equipment is subject to wear and tear eventually reaching the end of its useful life when it must be replaced as equipment nears the end of its life its condition determines to what an extent it poses a danger to personnel and other power plants the purpose of maintenance therefore is to extend the useful life of equipment by air and or replacement of defective parts and to maintain it in a safe and serviceable condition the marine environment is particularly arduous full elective equipment to the damp fault Laden atmosphere extremes of temperature and constant vibration shitball equipment is in particular need of correct maintenance the continuous operation of equipment on board a ship demands high operating efficiency and optimum economy in order to keep down costs to maintain financial competitiveness nearly all equipment needs maintenance an efficiency engineer or electrician must get to know his plant he must be able to check the ship’s drawings and diagrams and relate them to actual equipment equipment must be kept under continuous observation so that normal healthy operating conditions become familiar and abnormal operation can be quickly observed faults should be pinpointed and corrected before breakdown occurs caution if it is necessary to work on live equipment and the operator must be fully protected only rubber gloves that are specially made for this purpose should be used caution always ensure that the generator prime mover is shut down and locked off before you begin your maintenance also check that the generator circuit breaker is locked off auto start circuits are disabled and generate electric heaters are isolated caution generator circuit breakers must be switched off and isolated from the best spas for maintenance and testing name for the generator is normally limited to inspection and lubrication of bearings according to manufacturers recommendation clean the generators in case of dirt in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation it is rendered that you check the generators controlled equipment and compare them to the test protocols delivered from the manufacturer Limited maintenance is generally all that is necessary in the main switchboard however specified maintenance on the different manufacturers should be carried out generally the maintenance on a main switchboard consists of cleaning lubrication of mechanical devices and checking contacts note that unnecessary tightening of contacts and terminals are not recommended this may cause deformations and in turn break or weaken contacts some circuit breakers may have pneumatic delay relays which tend to change delay time due to dirt these have to be cleaned and checked eventually readjusted inspection of the instruments accuracy may be carried out according to maintenance schedule inspect the generator circuit breakers in accordance of manufacturers recommendations typical failure on the generator may be one or more of the following very big