Sarah Says: What can a Pharmacist do for you?

the pharmacist is a highly trained
healthcare professional, in fact they are an invaluable member of the primary
care team these days for instance many medicines that used to
be available only on prescription you can now get from your pharmacist. They can advise you
about new conditions or if you got the same conditions back and
you know what treatment you need they may be able to give it to you,
without a prescription. Many pharmacists run minor ailments schemes so they can give you medication that you
would otherwise have to go to GP and get a prescription for. that can be useful if you get free
prescriptions. Pharmacists can do health checks they can tell you
what your risk of cardiovascular disease is for instance by measuring your blood pressure, your
cholesterol, checking you for diabetes and so on. So that
can be a really useful adjunct to what you can get from mobile
apps, such as the one for cardiovascular check or diabetes
check on Patient UK they can get invaluable advice about
travel and sometimes you can get tablets, for instance
anti-malaria tablets that you’d need a private prescription from your anyway, without needing to go and see the
doctor talk to them if you’re sure about where
you’re going perhaps because you’ve been there before they can also offer advice about
avoiding infections while you’re away on holiday, or perhaps
how to treat them if you do get things wrong with you
things, you can take, to be prepared. they can also do treatment checks, they
can look at your medications and tell you whether or not the side effects
you’re getting could be related to one medicine or another. They can tell you whether or
not those medicines might interact and if it’s safe for you to take them. There’s
so much that the pharmacist can do these days so don’t for a moment assume that all
they can do is dole out the prescription that your GP’s
written for you, go and have a chat