Schönstes Fechtbuch 2019 – Unboxing Palladinis Forgotten Discourse

Hello there, today I got mail from Royal Armouries with a very nice greeting card handwritten with with a thank you for ordering a book from them some of you may already know which book it’s extremely nice now it’s here The Art of Fencing – Camillo Palladini ca. 1600 this edition is named the “Forgotten Discourse” edited by Piermarco Terminiello and Joshua Pendragon the first impression is very good it’s a beautiful print on precious paper finely bound we got an awesome introduction by the author who tells us something about the history of the book and puts it into a temporal context while comparing it to other fencing masters. There are pictures comparing techniques which resemble the pictures of other masters a chronological classification follows which I think is very good, because many have often stated that Palladinis book was written earlier, whereas Terminiello puts it at about 1600 which he can also substantiate credibly. What I’m stoked about are the 46 drawings which were drawn with red chalk. The look so nice. Some of them remind me of Agrippa and Capoferro and it seems to be getting quite interesting what we’re going to find out with the help of this book. I’m already very excited about reading it as well as to practice it, if I can find the time At least the translation is done. Sweet really nice The book is really worth the money I think it’s about 70€ with shipping from Royal Armouries but you need that. It looks great it feels valuable it’s highly interesting what’s inside not only single rapier but also rapier and dagger, also halberd and pike, halberd against pike, the book even contains a footwork diagram not dissimilar to that of Docciolini (in: Trattato in Materia di Scherma) In the book you’ll find all the standard rapier techniques as we know them more or less from Capoferro and Fabris or other sources but on the other hand also solo dagger which we can’t really find in other rapier sources and … pike against pike look at the naked men fencing with their long pikes. What I really love is that you first have images of the original text and then the transcription followed by the translation so you have everything together on one page you can check it from front to back. This isn’t just a vague translation somebody threw together. You can be sure that it’s well done and in my opinion, Terminiello is a great translator and researcher in HEMA and he’s doing it conscientiously, he’s invested a lot of time and that pays off. Another good feature are the transcription notes in the appendix, as well as the translation notes so you’re able to trace the whole translation process which helps enormously in interpretation and implementation. The Art of Fencing – my latest purchase I can honestly recommend it to everyone, whether you’re into rapier or not, it’s just beautiful to look at, and incredibly interesting. I can also lend it if someone really wants it. So yeah, have fun with it! Sweet!