Scout Plane Visual Aid Part 3

Hello everyone, Admiral William here with
a visual guide on how to use Scout planes. In the video we are about to
watch my teammate has already been sunk, I’m in this cruiser Maya right here and
my opponent is in a H39. Now you’ll see that he has a name that looks like a
BOT, but anyone that plays this game enough knows who that player is and he’s
very much a live player so pay close attention for this video if you
fast-forward through any of the parts you’re missing important information and
you might as well just stop watching now without further ado here’s the video
there will be commentary in spots explaining what I’m doing and why, so
check it out. So I have just got my scout lanes into
position after having the first flight shot down and I see where he’s at and
the range and I decide I need to turn left and stop pulling away from him. Once
I’ve made my left turn and gone back to my scouts I notice in the center of the
screen there the words “out of range” which means my guns can’t reach that far
I need to get closer Once I’ve got my ship getting closer I
go back to my Scout planes to take a look and notice that I don’t have a
clear shot with my Scout plane, I don’t have a clear view so it’s time to move
closer. Now notice, moving closer, I don’t just
drive towards my with a wide birth and the reason for
that is the closer I am to him the more chance he has of seeing my Scout planes
and shooting them down with manual anti-aircraft fire. Now as soon as I see
that I have a shot that’s when I click the direct fire and like planes stay
where they are and circle while I aim and shoot. Now that I am close enough to be
making shots and not be out of range it’s time to turn my ship to the right so
all the barrels are pointing at the enemy so I can take advantage of all of
the guns. So I go to the map reset my navigation, so the ship turns to the
right and you’ll see the turrets coming around
while I go back to the Scout plane. Now let’s talk about using Scout planes
and actually firing your weapons at them. Notice the range in red and then to the right of the
crosshairs you’ll see the guns range if fired. Use the two numbers, and try and get them
as close as possible before firing and also take into account the speed
that you see you’re gonna be going and try to lead your shot accordingly.
Watch your shells come in and make your compensations. Maybe you need to go a
little further, maybe need to decrease the distance al little bit to make the shell land. Watch how I do it As it gets darker it gets harder and
harder and harder to see your target so at this point it becomes more and more
important to use those numbers of your enemy target and your destination for
your shells which is to the right of your cross hairs.