Screens and Pixels | First Aid Kit, Outlander & More.

Hoi! Welcome to the first official episode of
Screens & Pixels. Last time I did this, I talked about some
films and musicals and other stuff. And I asked you guys to come up with a title for it because I couldn’t figure it out. And I ended up picking Screens & Pixels. I can’t find who came up with that, so if you were the one who suggested that in the first video, let me know in the comments. The first thing on the list is First Aid Kit. I’ve talked about before, but they have a newalbum out right now which I am kind of obsessed with. They are a Swedish folk duo. There are two sisters. I’ve seen them perform live about four
or five times now. I went to one of their most recent shows London when they were
playing songs from the new album and at that point I had only just figured out
they were releasing a new album, because I’m really bad at keeping up with things. But since that concert I have bought the album. And it’s basically one of the only things
that listen to. I listen to it on my walk to work, it’s great for reading, kind of background
music. It’s funny because they are Swedish but they kind of have this really American sort of weird folk-y accent, and especially with the instruments and a lot of the lyrics on
their new album, it very much sounds like the American South. They do some of the
most amazing harmonies I’ve ever heard and they sounds so good live as well. I’ll put some of my favorite songs by
them and videos of live performances and things like that in the description so you
can check it out and I’ll also add a Spotify link to their latest album. So the next artist is called Ásgeir.
I’ve no idea how to pronounce it. He is Icelandic. I randomly found this
because Spotify made this playlist called First
Aid Kit and other Nordic Folk and one of his songs was on the list and I absolutely
loved it. It’s very relaxing, also great reading.
This is one of my main things that I look for in music.
Most of the songs are in English. There’s some in Icelandic. One of my favorite ones. I
have no idea what he’s singing about, but it sounds great. So if you’re in the mood for something soothing and relaxed, check out the links I’ll put in the description. And then I was invited to an early screening of This Is Where I Leave You which is a film based on the book with the same title by
Jonathan Tropper and it’s kind of and funny family drama. It’s basically
about family where the dad dies. The last thing he really wanted was for the
entire family to come back together and live
under the same roof for a week. Now this is not really my genre of
movie, but I was quite interested to see what I’d think and actually quite
enjoyed it. There was a bit of like ‘haha boobs’ humour. There were also a lot of other things
that were genuinely funny. But mostly, there were a lot of things that were really freaking sad. I think I cried about five times, which is more than I
cried for The Fault in Our Stars. So you want to go to the cinema and cry
and laugh and cannot have this heartwarming story about family and kind of seeing happens when you come back to the place where you grew up in like
you run into the people that you grew up with might have a history with then check out this is why I leave you
never gonna do some TV shows I have two shows for people like Game of
Thrones and that feel like there’s kind of a game of Thrones shaped hole in
their life right now first ball we have Vikings I watched
that a couple weeks ago I think it’s on the History Channel
basically the story %ah the Vikings going on there English
grade and the venue you have done that bit English History Review studied English
literature at University you’ll know what I’m
talking about what I really enjoyed about this is the bits of history that I recognized
her but also the characters a pretty great one of the main female characters is
also and one %uh the most certainly fun and
interesting aspect the show is during their first raining when they
go to a monastery would you recognize the name %uh if you
ever studied it and leaders like to take an English monk back home and so this cultural clash in
the language barrier is really interesting and that is like a really funny dynamic also really fun a source
which language is sometimes so when the Vikings kill me to the English anglo-saxon army they’ll switch point of
view so sometimes you can hear the English speak legend old English with subtitles
I had to take me to a national emission diversity is ok and one thing they
recognize and then the other time around it the Vikings
that meet the subtitles I’m gonna put the intro for the show in the description not the trailer with
the show’s I found that the trailers when never impressive by they never
convince me to watch the show and then I would actually watch in dade yes this is really good in the second
show I sort of real life does the same thing spiking done called Outlander and I watched the
entire first season which saw there is yesterday and today and it is about a
couple in 1945 they got married before the
second world war had to sort of split up during the war
she became a mourners and just went with all her stuff after the war the get back
together I’m gonna have to and get to know each other again for the go to
Scotland the coaches kind of magical stone circle
where there’s druids she touches one other stones and is
transported through time back to $17.43 had to look that up she
is found by a group of scotsman and can’t take no
way to this castle and she has to pretend that she’s from those times
quite funny it’s quite remarkable that violent is but a sexual tension in the
hot men in kilts with Scottish accents again I believe the intro to the show in description those are all my
recommendations for the month hope you didn’t do and I’ve got to get better d