Secretary Alex M. Azar Visits a Pittsburgh Pharmacy

(music) Hey, Alex Azar. Natalie, nice to meet you. So you had had where you
couldn’t talk to patients about the fact they could
pay four bucks or whatever for the same generic but
just not their co-pay. You experienced that? Yes. Well I saw the President
sign the legislation so you’re now free to talk. That’s what we’re
told, that’s good, it’s good to be
able, you know, open and honest and being
able to be transparent, it’s good. I’m Alex Azar, the U.S. Secretary of Health
and Human Services. I’m here in the Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania area at Spartan Pharmacy one of America’s
community pharmacies to talk about the President’s
signing of the gag clause legislation this past week. I’m Adam Rice, I’m the owner
and President of Spartan Pharmacy in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. This is a great
day for pharmacy. This is one of the first
times that pharmacists have actually gotten a
voice in Washington. We’ve been saying for years
that we’ve been unable to communicate with our
customers and warn them that the prescriptions might be
less expensive if they just paid out of pocket and
not use their insurance. It was just really a delight
to hear how the work that we’re doing on drug pricing
is gonna have a very important impact on
the American patient, putting American
patients first.