Seniors taking more than five medications daily have 25 percent higher mortality risk: Report

now it’s a pretty established fact that
too much of anything can be bad for you especially elder elderly people because
they tend to take more medications than younger people naturally for chronic
illnesses and a recent study shows that this could raise the risk of an early
death this is especially true when many drugs are taken together when they
really shouldn’t be I’m giong has this report taking multiple drugs at once may
lead to a higher mortality risk according to a recent report by the
National Health Insurance Corporation about half a people in South Korea who
are 65 years old older consume more than five different medications every day 6%
were found to be taking more than 11 the same study shows seniors taking five or
more kinds of drugs at once have a 25% higher mortality risk than those who
take fewer and for those taking more than 11 a day it was 54% higher than
those who take the fewest an expert says because pharmacies and hospitals are
easily accessible in South Korea patients are more likely to end up
taking multiple medications at once when multiple drugs are prescribed
inappropriately they can interact with each other and cause unexpected side
effects it’s especially dangerous for elderly patients when they take many at
once the concentration of different medications in the body is higher for
seniors because people’s metabolic functions slows down as they age
he added that it’s important for patients to consult with experts before
they consume any medication to prevent such side-effects the National Health
Insurance Corporation is running a pilot project for the elderly doctors and
pharmacists will visit patients who might be at risk and check what they are
being prescribed the service is being provided to those taking more than 10
different medications a day and for those with one of the
in designated conditions including diabetes and heart disease on ji-yong
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