Sephora & Amazon Beauty Haul! PLUS A GIVEAWAY! I Music2makeup

what’s up fam welcome back to my channel
if you are new hi my name is Natalie and this is my channel music to make up
where we talk about everything from music to makeup so today is going to be
a beauty haul from Sephora and Amazon okay so but before I get into the video
I want I’m gonna do a giveaway here’s a peek of it so some of the things and
then I’ll list everything in the description bar plus the rules and
everything well like seriously I gotta fix myself
now hold on let me get myself together pull yourself together girl so hmm
the benefit Porefessional is one thing like a deluxe size of the Urban Decay just can’t even talk hold anything like
all of my five senses are just off Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion and then
the Tata Harper resurfacing mask okay subscribe to my channel and please leave
a comment in this video and that is it I will announce the winner in two weeks
I’ll put the exact date in the description it’s going to be us only and the things that’s it and then you have
to leave me a way to contact you so if you do win I can contact you
okay so the free sample I got was this brigeo rosarco milk reparative leave-in
conditioning spray I always like to have a conditioning spray oh wait no it’s I
think I bought that with my Beauty Insider point the promo code was this
mini bye-bye under-eye cream smoothes brightens and D puffs so I really like
it cosmetic skincare I’m excited to try this alright and then what I bought is
something that is a repurchase for me but this is my like Holy Grail
foundation for real it is okay so I had a full-size one of these it is the
hourglass vanish seamless finish foundation stick and I got it in the
color shell so what happened was I had my full-size one of it and then I went
through it because the only negative about this item is you get so little
product for the price it is it’s like 46 or 48 dollars and you only get point two
five ounces of product and most foundations come in 1 ounces that’s the
standard foundation size one fluid ounce you know it’s like everything is one
fluid ounce 1 ounce and this is only a quarter of an ounce 0.25 and it’s still
full price so but it is a cream foundation but it is just so bomb like
it is the best foundation I am wearing it today it’s just like my makeup looks
on point it just looks so flawless and airbrushed when I
I just like can’t stop staring at my skin it just makes it look so beautiful
when I use this so okay so I have the full one and I used it all up and I’m
like I’m not buying again that’s just a ridiculous price then I got a tiny
sample of this in my sephora play last month and I used it again and I was like
oh my god that is why I fell in love with it in the first place
it is so amazing I’m like I don’t care how much it is like it’s just magical I
have to buy it so that’s why I bought it again let me show you what it looks like
I got so excited talking about it and I didn’t even open the container so and
then here’s oh this packaging is just so sleek and sexy and I love it okay so I
got it in shell you got to be kidding me it’s already out of this thing
look how jacked up that is now no it’s like all in there I am so
returning that oh my god that makes me so sad oh I guess your best bet would be
to buy it in store and I think that’s actually what I did do when I bought it
the first time so I am really disappointed I’m going to have to go
in your store as soon as I saw this I was like I have to get this okay so this
is but it’s a holiday set of Stila it says glitter and gold glitter and glow
and then shimmering glow I thought it was all of the glittering glow like
magnificent metals but I guess not okay it says glamorize this holiday season
with six show-stopping shades of glow includes three deluxe glitter and glow
liquid eyeshadows which are a dazzling ultra Sparkle finish and the colors are
peachy Sheen smoldering satin and next to notte and then three deluxe shimmer
and glow liquid eyeshadows new high shimmer non glitter shadows launching in
the spring and the colors are kitten Grace and twig I thought this was all
like but it okay so it says I for elegance on there like that was one of
the reasons so here is kitten and I thought that was already a shade okay so this is grace like a tan maybe
light brown tan early in the color twig Oh more like a like espresso brown and
looks like on the skin doesn’t it I thought it was going to be more coppery
but it’s not it’s like more brownish but so I guess it’s three so those were the
three shimmering glow so now these are gonna be the three glittering glow
sheen mmm so they’re okay they’re sad these are not the Magnificent metals and
I thought they were but see this is smoldering satin and I thought that was
the same color like that I have on my eyelids actually but no that’s like
different than what I have on my eyelids it’s really pretty though that one is
more pigmented than the first one I do like that one a lot and then this last
one is next to notte and this looks like a like red it’s really pretty
though although I’m excited to try that one okay I got this fenty beauty
by Rihanna full-bodied foundation brush so this was $32
and here’s what it goodness here’s what it looks like it’s synthetic it’s really
very smooth this is just I am so excited for this oh my god yeah that’s gonna be
bomb as fuck bomb as fuck I can’t wait to get my foundation in a non fucked up form because this is gonna look bomb as fuck and then I also
got a buxom lip gloss in Debbie and it looked like a good coral on the website
oh yeah that’s really pretty it’s like a orange coral a color I die I just gonna
look so awesome if you have blond hair and especially blue eyes like oranges
and corals are gonna look amazing on you so I have so many coral lip products
it’s not even funny but I love it and it is a last thing okay I got from Amazon
is this Kaxier I know I’m not saying that right waterproof long-lasting
eyebrow powder so alright the color that I got it in is 301 that was the lightest
color they had so is a little dark okay so naturally for
your brows how how it goes for what color products you should use if you
have dark hair you are going to use a color that is three shaped lighter than
your hair color if you have light hair you’re going to want to go three shades
darker just over your normal hair color so I have like a very light color as
well so you get three all right I’m gonna be real with y’all
and I did use it what I use it today so that’s why one of the shapes has color
on it so they give you three different sets and what is nice about this is it
can if you’re someone who is has been wanting to change your eyebrow shape or
you know you just want to see what a different eyebrow shape would look like
on you this is a great way to do that this or stencils are a great ways to do
that so the set that I used today is this one I have a more oval face so I’m gonna
want a more curved brow even though I love like the like structured like
architectural eyebrow like it’s just not flattering for my face shape and these
are gonna be the more straight ones which I do want to try one day I want to
see how that would look on me oh that actually might look good I’m gonna have
to try those next okay so then it comes with this is the powder
in 301 okay and it pops open and you do get a little mirror now I’ll show you
what it looks like I’ll do it on my hand oh you have to go in like pretty heavily
on it from what I could tell kind of like dunk it in there a few times until
you can see that it is like completely coated everywhere there that’s the way I
should have done it the first time so you know why depending on the how thick
you want your brows to be I don’t like from what I can tell when I used it you
can’t just like put it on there and be done I did put it on there but then I
had to use my eyebrow pencil and define the edges and then I used like a
concealer to kind of clean up and give it more of the shape I wanted but it I
think it is really good for it just adds a lot of volume and then you don’t it
saves you the time of having to fill in the entire brow I always suggest
outlining at first so then you can you know get an idea of where it is you need
to be placing it inside of so you know it was $15 I don’t think it’s bad for
$15 all right guys that that’s all the products I got I mean there wasn’t that
much I’m still like so sad about my foundation all right
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