hello everybody and welcome back to my channel I hoped everybody has a great day and as you can see for this video I have the sephora favorites skincare routine and this one is for normal skin in my next video I will have another one which is going to be for dry skin and if you check the Sephora site you will see they have a tons of new Sephora favorites kids this time model for face skin care routine they have the normal skin they have the dry skin and the world skin which I’m gonna have in the next videos and waiting for another another box I got just two of them today so I’m gonna show you watching those kids as you can see they are 24 now they are 28 dollars each and the value of this is 62 so you have it right here and with the points I have I chose the Make Up For Ever Primark it’s a little guy here I like this primer and of course I also usually get some samples and fourth they never send what you’re asking so they put you to choose three samples but they seem totally different things so this is the living proof perfect hair dried and is the Russian Foreign condition or those are great to travel I usually take with me a couple of those samples in they work well the second one is drunk elephant intensive hydration gel and last one is from belief it’s a Hungarian water essence so those are the samples in here is the the kid if you watch my channel you know I love the those kids sample kids and this one has six products in here and let’s see what we have as I said this room is for normal skin so let’s open this you can let me find something tall order I like the box really cute the color it’s nice – is this peachy color so let’s see what we have here the first item is awesome and this is the truth serum so happy with this one and then this next item in here is from purity another great item its train one cleanser steady meals so there’s this one okay the next item in here it’s rose face mask from fresh the infos with real rose petals love this one tone then we have an item from Clinique and those are both good sizes our deluxe samples and this is the clinic day the day of cleansing balm I recently use a cleansing balm from Hamish and I stopped I really like that one I didn’t use bonds before but I like them and I’m gonna use them then we help from drunk elephant is the night serum and the last item in here is from first aid beauty it’s coconut water cream and it’s this size so so far we have 6 products in here one is the coconut cream from my first Beauty first aid beauty the other one is the drone telephone night serum we have the fresh rose face mask we have the clinic this one is the cleansing balm we have olá Harrison truth serum and we have the purity and cleanser so it’s not bad I like the box I love each brand that came in came in this box so let me know what do you think about this box the samples are not very big but enough to try them were to take them when you travel so this is it at this box thank you so much for watching I’m gonna have another vegan video next to this one with with another kid which is still routine for the dry skin this one was normal skin was $28 and I’m gonna live down below the link to if you wanna buy this one thank you so much for watching I hope you have a great day and I’ll see you soon with another unboxing bye bye you