okay so him and I just came from Palm
Springs we didn’t actually go to like Coachella but one of my friends was
throwing like a pool party so we went out there to support her on Friday and
he went to golf on Saturday and then I had some work to do and we got home late
last night like probably midnight and now we’re at the Pasadena Rose Bowl flea
market – do people call it Rose Bowl? So now we’re at the Rose Bowl and I look
like actual ass but we’re just here – we’re back with another episode but I
was saying this morning was we got in last night from Palm Springs at like
midnight woke up today at like 7:00 here for the goods so what you looking for
honey well normally definitely anything Porsche so I just love or stuff maybe
some denim yeah good like denim and like jackets or coats and I found a pair of
like dr. Martens randomly feel really good so you can find anything and
everything that you want here so we’re gonna drop off some of the stuff that I
got today and then we’re gonna go back in we got a pro tip from Christine you
come to the flea market you got to wear really big shirts so you can try stuff
on yeah a lot of places don’t have like fitting rooms so you literally just have
to like take off your pants to try stuff on if you want to try it otherwise like
try to barter for a lower price and then hope it fits when you get home these fit
quick mini shorts what’s special about it
oddly enough I don’t know if you guys saw the golf Tiger won today he’s back
he actually won it in 1997 so as soon as I saw that I knew I had to cop so these
are some of the pickups that I got from the Rose Bowl scene market I have these
denim shorts that I picked up for $15 they are a little bit big on me but I
actually love them because they are a little bit longer than a lot of the
shorts that I have so super nice and they’re really really comfortable I love
the dark wash of them as well and the secret to getting cheap denim is you
kind of have to go to those booths that sell like all sorts of stuff because the
tents that sell all denim stuff usually the shorts are like forty to fifty
dollars so make sure you go to the sellers that are selling like a lot of
different things and then it’s easier to bargain for a cheaper price next thing I
got is I got these docs for only 60 doulas they’re in my size and in really
good condition so I thought these were really good steel I’ve been wanting
these for a really long time so it’s nice to be able to get dots that are
super super cheap and then next I got these white pants I believe they’re only
$15 but actually wore these to the sephora squad launch party which is
later in this vlog portion that you see but I love these and they are not
see-through at all actually you can kind of see it but it’s nice because these
kind of have like an inner lining so they’re a little bit more opaque than
usual white pants are but love these are super comfortable and it fits my waist
perfectly also love to come to these because I feel like it goes with so many
different shoes and eclectic feels they just look absolutely stunning
next thing I got is this Levi’s jacket and it’s actually a Levi’s trucker
jacket but it’s been altered so I don’t know exactly the brand of this but it
kind of reminds me of like redone and it just is an oversized and Levi’s jacket
and it looks like someone had just we finish the sluice and the edges I
love the cut of it and the color of it is so – love how it’s like distressed
except I feel like I could see myself wearing this jacket a lot and I only got
it for $30 I believe that girl had it for sale for $50 and I kind of just like
held it up super polite Ming was like 30 and she was like okay hi friends so I am
getting ready for my Sephora squad event and there is like the official launch
party it’s today and I’m so excited so I wanted to show you guys some of the
makeup that I am using for tonight since it’s Sephora event I wanted to use like
a lot of my makeup that I purchased from there so in here we have my makeup bag
and this is probably like a lot of my really high-end things but I still have
some drugstore videos I have in here so I’m gonna be mixing my L’Oreal
infallible foundation with my Giorgio Armani in my show so that looks like a
good match and don’t have that much time so I’m not gonna be like super talkative
but I’d be kind of fun to do like a video you know like it ready blend it
out with my wander Beauty sponge I have been loving the sponge so they’re flying
in all the finalists there’s 24 other people that are part of the Sephora
squad they flew everyone down to LA I’m really excited to me everyone so it’s a
little bit light for my forehead but I’m just gonna go ahead and contour later I
want my skin to look perfect because there’s gonna be a photographer there
tonight I’m okay with wearing a little bit more makeup just so you might not
look as good in person but in pictures it just looks more flawless and that’s
what we want special Sephora event like I don’t even know I’m kind of into me
but like what makeup do it where do I try to look natural don’t I look
snatched also I have a blemish right here so disrespectful and then I’m gonna
go in with a little bit of liquid highlighter this is wet and wild hello
hello make a glow in goddess glow love this stuff like slapping my face and
then we’re gonna go in with my concealer this is the Born This Way multi-use
sculpting concealer and warm beige love this concealer but it’s a little bit too
dark for me so I’m just gonna do though right now I’m pretty tan so this
actually is and bad color sucks you’re really nice I
think cuz I’m so tan right now have a little buffing brush you guys know I
like to buff it out right here just so it doesn’t look cakey and it kind of
sinks into my pores a little bit more some of the girls are like messaging me
asking me what I’m gonna wear because the dress code my sponge dress code is
casual which I don’t know what that means
I’m gonna brighten up a little bit more I have my sheet tape then I’m gonna set
laura mercier laura mercier actually reach out to me via email and they’re
sending me PR isn’t that crazy ever since I moved here so many
opportunities have been coming together and I don’t know if it just happens B
because I’m here and I get invited to like all these events and meet all these
brands and then it becomes like a big domino effect or it’s like since I moved
here I’ve been getting more serious about working harder maybe it both
that’s a lot and I was gonna cream contour but my favorite Aliexpress slashers ever
we’re whipping out my kiss lash glue because we want these lashes to stay on
all day I’m going with a little bit of eye shadow action just do a quick
dusting this is my morphe m4 for one just gonna go into this color I have this little Lancome palette with
these really pretty summaries I think I’m just gonna put gold I’m a lid and be
basic okay this this is just great okay I haven’t used as lash glue in a
long time and I forget how freakin fast it dries it’s always when you’re like
running late – oh my gosh I didn’t even pack highlighter go and grab a
highlighter we have my mary-lou manizer from the balm then we have my glossy a
boy brow I’m going to be uploading a full face of glossy a day soon so stay
tuned for that I love this stuff and that is what the face looks like I’m
gonna go ahead and spray it down with my Lila B fish mess there you have it
finish face what if I told you I couldn’t stay take
me like me you can still walk away what if I told you this love won’t be easy will you still be here is this real
we’ll still be here we used to be what if I showed you back a change I
really found you don’t walk away this love could be easy he craps so this is everything that was
in this for a goodie bag we have this to your backstage I palette have living
proof dry shampoo yeah yeah fancy lipstick
we have perfume here another perfume from toca also I’m so excited about this
I’ve been wanting this to try this for a really long time this is the arrow glass
powder and then we have the for Solly liquid glass serum thing we have a fresh
royal sleeping mask I’ve never tried anything from fresh so it looks like to
try that if you have another perfume from replica leather since we have a
Brio geo conditioning mask you guys know I love their hair care Marc Jacobs
eyeliner love this eyeliner we have a dr. Denis gross liquid peel resurfacing
pad glow has to be pineapple bright serum this is new really excited to try
this we have a way hair oil something from first aid Beauty a little repair
cream something from tatcha yay so excited I have never owned any of their
skincare before I have this cool onyx and banana bread I cream I love it and
then we have the milk Kush mascara so many videos Thank You Sephora thank you
thank you nanano will you still be here