September Favorites 2015

*Tessa jams to What Do You Mean by the Biebs* GEEK WITH ME These are a few of my favorite things in September! Okay. So my favorite thing this month would have to be all the stuff I got at GEEKYCON. *sigh* It’s the best. First I stopped at the Simpy Sassy Things
booth. This shop creates things using recycled pages of different books and comic books. Of course all of the things I got were made from Harry Potter books DUH. I got these ones that I’m wearing. They are studs and they are so cute! And I got these Ravenclaw dangly ones as well. I also got the matching Ravenclaw star bangle bracelet. They are Ravenclaw book colors which make me happy. And yes, they have these in all
Hogwarts house colors. And finally I got this Wizard Ale Soy Candle. *Smells delicious candle* Ahh SO GOOD. And you can see it has the Harry Potter stars on the inside of the candle. It’s just so pretty! And just so you know these items are not destroying Harry Potter books These books were already wrecked or were going to be thrown away so these shops are using the recycled books to turn them into something beautiful. Another Harry Potter recycled book item I
got was from the Little Shoppe of Hodge Podge. *Tessa sings Little Shop of Hodge Podge to the tune of Little Shop of Horrors DUH* It’s a little heart necklace. Because Harry Potter will ALWAYS be close to my heart. And finally I stopped at the Mud In My Blood booth and I picked up these Hermione Yule ball earrings. And some Felix Felicis hand sanitizer. You never know when you’re gonna need some liquid luck. YEAH GEEKYCON. LOOK AT MY TOP. Ahh I love it! I got it from This is the same place that I got my Starfish shirt that I wear ALL THE TIME. This bandeau top is PERFECT for that hipster Ariel look. It also looks really cute under a flannel. I also got this Beauty and the Beast shirt because Belle is my favorite princess and I thought the design was just SO perfect. It’s also really soft and form
fitting. So my mom is always telling me that my skin is too dry and I don’t moisturize enough so I found this company called First Aid Beauty and their products are really helping. They are all allergy tested, fragrance free, good for sensitive skin, there’s no fluff, they just get the job done. I don’t know it just makes my skin really soft. WHATEVER. YouTuber shoutout! A YouTuber that I have been LOVING lately is Peter Hollens. I met him at GeekyCon and his voice and his acapella videos are just so perfect and flawless. It’s just so beautiful! If you are not subscribed to him your ears are missing out. It’s Fandom of the Month time! I have 3
packages to open! It’s like Christmas! Fandom of the Month Club is a monthly jewelry subscription box run by Erin over at @thegeekycauldron It’s $13 a month, you get a new fandom every month, and you get 3-4 pieces of jewelry! Pretty awesome. It’s my favorite.
Okay let’s see what the first month is… It says ‘All magic comes with a price dearie’ That’s ONCE UPON A TIME! I just started watching Once Upon A Time. It is amazing. I LOVE Once Upon A Time. I am so excited! Look at this ring! Awww and we have a bracelet with all these different charms on it representing the different characters… And this is my favorite. It is a necklace with the Once Upon A Time storybook. It’s Henry’s book! 2nd month! IF WE BURN YOU BURN WITH US. YAAAAS HUNGER GAMES! Ahhh! White rose earrings! And a little music note bracelet. Awww and it has a ring that says real or not real. MY HEART. And a necklace that has an arrow, a white rose, and a mockingjay symbol! Okay, the last box! It’s MARIO! Oh how cute! Look at the little earrings… And this ring how flawless! Guys look at this necklace. And then the keychain, this is too much. And then Erin also sent me a couple extra goodies from The Geeky Cauldron. Which is its own fandom jewelry site and it has the most quality, amazing, just it’s the BEST place to get fandom jewelry. Especially Harry Potter. I got this Felix Felicis necklace. A Loki ring. KNEEL BEFORE ME! These Targaryen earrings. YEAH you can call me Khaleesi. And this beautiful necklace that says ‘Hogwarts is my HOME’. Aww I’m getting emotional! And look at this pretty bookmark! And then I got two keychains A TARDIS Doctor Who keychain And a Harry Potter keychain Last thing. So me and Joe went to Hot Topic for my birthday and one of the things I got was this little mini Impala! LOOK AT IT. Look at the little baby! GET IT. Also speaking of Supernatural, Joe and I are getting so close to finishing Season 9! Ahh no spoilers please! No spoilers! Okay….I think that’s it. NAILED IT. Starfish! Tessa here and if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe. Leave a comment with which one of my favorites was your favorite. And if you have an etsy shop and you sell geeky things or something you think I would like then please email me at [email protected] for the chance to be featured in one of these videos. And be sure you are following me on Twitter and Instagram @tessanetting And check out my description box below this video. Love you guys. BYE! *Tessa jams to What Do You Mean*