| SEPTEMBER GLAM | Trying New-ish Makeup Pre-Hurricane Dorian

hey everybody! I know it’s been a really
long time since I last filmed. actually, I did that short
nighttime skincare routine video, but it’s been a long time since I’ve filmed
makeup! sorry about that! it’s just not a priority to film right now. I have tons of other things going on and so that’s that– I had to
prioritize. I was originally gonna do a “chatty get ready with me,” but to be
honest, with this hurricane stuff and whatnot I just want to get to the point.
I’m gonna be testing out some products I recently purchased that I have either been
loving or am trying out for the first time. If you see
movement on my TV, excuse my husband who is playing video games. Apartment/ small space probs! so first I’m
going to start by a moisturizing my skin using this fourth ray Beauty good mood
moisturizer. this is a gel-based moisturizer, so it’s oil-free. it’s
perfect for those combo girls out there– if you have combination skin. then, I’m
taking this first air beauty color- correcting cushion and basically it just
evens out the skin tone a little bit, nothing craaaaazy. Then taking the Touch IN Sol No Poreblem primer (I said it right, I can’t believe it) I am gonna just apply that on the t-zone
and the areas where I need some more pore-filling. then taking this Missha BB
cream and this benefit hoola bronzer, I’m just gonna mix the two together because
the Missha BB cream has a bit of a grey-undertone. so mixing the two
together just makes for a more warm undertone and works great for my skin. I’m gonna take this color-correcting pen
from Maybelline and I’m gonna look crazy for a second here, so bear with me, but it it’s basically to eliminate shadows so I’m gonna use my finger to dab that into
the skin and I’m gonna take my sponge and just blend that in a little bit
further because I look like an oompa loompa…. then taking the Milani conceal
and perfect full coverage concealer, I’m gonna apply that directly on top. you
could have also color-corrected before applying your base, I just decided to do
it this way. I’m also taking the Pacifica concealer and applying it underneath
that concealer to just lighten a little bit. I don’t want to do it directly under
the eyes because I don’t want to lighten my dark circles–what I want to do is
conceal them and then highlight directly underneath. then taking this the crème shop cushion
bronzer, I am gonna take the same sponge and dip it right in there and use it to
bronze my face. I was so into liquid bronzer and I stopped for a while so I
thought I would take it out and, as always, I am wowed by how beautiful and
glowy the bronzer looks. then taking Maybelline fit me loose powder, I’m just
gonna set that. I’m not “baking,” I am just pressing it in until I no longer see
powder on my face. Just to set that liquid bronzer, I am gonna take some of
this Milani baked bronzer and just press it directly on top–not swipe it, just
press it so that way you don’t move the liquid bronzer around. and I’m also
putting a little bit around on my nose because this nose needs a little bit of
bronzer, sista… then I’m taking this pixi multibalm stick, which I love! if you have you
seen any of my previous videos, I rave about this because it’s so beautiful, so
glowy and it looks extremely natural. I’m just kind of putting that everywhere,
to be honest. Now ladies: get ready to be wowed by this highlighter because it’s
beautiful… just like BAM!! It looks so beautiful and melted onto the
skin. the key is to use a damp sponge to apply it instead of a brush. next I’m taking this colourpop
California love palette. I just love the warm-neutral shades in this palette. I’m
gonna start by taking these two shades right here mixing them and just applying
that on my crease very very lightly. then, taking that creamy shade again with
my finger I’m just gonna apply that on my lid. so this is where we get sassy and
(I couldn’t do it on camera, so sorry about that) but I drew a winged liner with
the new colourpop liquid liner. This liquid liner is in the shade “Grande” and
then I’m gonna take that brown shade from the palette and just smudge it into
that liquid liner. switched over palettes really quickly
just to grab a lighter brown shade and also a more warm shade, and adding it to
diffuse it a little bit more. after wiping off the excess, I’m just gonna
take this one right here with my finger and going to apply it in the inner
corner. I’m going to take this beautiful glitter
and press it directly over top what I just put in my inner corner. I’ll stop here just to explain just in
case you don’t know what I’m doing but I’m taking a soap bar and, after spraying
my spoolie, and brushing that through my brows to basically use it as my brow gel–
to set my brows. Lastly, taking this Gerard slay all day spray, I am just gonna spray
my face all over and smell like green tea (which I don’t even like– I hate green
tea) anyway… taking the brown shade once again, I’m gonna smudge it on my bottom
lash line. This is one of the NYX butter
lipsticks and I love this shade because it’s like an ashy Brown and I’m gonna go
ahead and combine that with the colourpop so juicy plumping gloss. I did this
off-camera, but I went ahead and applied some colourpop mascara in their brown
shade and these beautiful $1-lashes from AOA studio. Just to finish off, I’m
gonna go ahead and apply some black–like SUPER black– liner in my waterline.
and here you go guys! this is the finished look! I want to quickly talk
about a few of the products that I used today that I have extra comments on.
first one is this Missha perfect cover BB cream with SPF 42 (wait, is SPF 42 even a thing? I
should look into that..) so originally my mom told me about this and I was like “yeah yeah, that sounds great..” I’m ashamed, I am confessing… then I saw
Allie Glines (I’ll link her channel down
below) but I love watching her videos and she tried this and fell in love with
it and it looked so beautiful on her skin, so I talked to my mom and, long story short,
I ended up buying it! the other product is this colourpop
California love palette, which I just got and this wasn’t my first time using it, I used it for date night the other day. Right babe? yep, date night! everything about this
palette is just amazing. I’ll insert a picture here to show you, but I basically
applied this these two colors all over the lid– beautiful. if you guys have any
ideas for future videos leave them in the comments below! let me know what you
think of this look and… oh wait! oh my goodness, one more product I
have to mention: this Steve Laurant jelly highlighter.
this is very comparable to the colourpop super shock highlighters and
I love those. I can’t lie, when I first got this in a boxycharm I was like “oh I think it’s a little
too dark.” I tried to use it with a brush it just wasn’t working– I wasn’t I wasn’t having
it and put it away for a while. Then I picked it back up and I figured out
this trick guys: not with your finger, not with a brush, but with a sponge!!! your sponge
should be slightly damp and it just melts this right into the skin. it looks
so flawless, right baby?! Tell them about my highlight *husband says* *yes babe, you are glowing!!* That’s all I have for today! We’re getting ready for hurricane
Dorian over here. As always, if you’re going through something, girl, let me know.
You can either drop it on the comments below or message me personally; email
me, I want to pray for you and with you. we’re not meant to do life on our own, so
don’t forget! I may not know you, but I don’t need to know you to pray for you, so! Alright, see you guys next time! say bye babe *husband* “byeeee, youtube. Love you guyssss”