Serving their patients – and the community

I always hope I’m giving the best, that’s what I strive for – to be the best for my patients That’s what I strive for, that’s what I want
to do. That’s what wakes me up in the morning. That’s what gets me going. -UC Irvine family health centers provide high-quality primary care to the underserved population of Orange
County. -We wanted to create a community center. We wanted to create something where patients can not only come and say what this is where I see my
doctor but this is also where I feel right at home. -We make a great difference in the
community where we provide group classes. We
provide classes where patients can learn from each other and
grow with each other. We provide the wellness classes, we provide diabetes
classes, we provide the food pantry. And the
great thing with the food pantry is it’s not just for patients it’s open to the
community. And for the last twenty years we have
been giving away toys through our annual toy giveaway. And a lot of time, these are the only presents that these children
will receive. This is what separates us from everybody else is that we are truly
a community center and that’s what we grow
and strive to be is to serve the community, just not the individual patients. -We started these nutrition classes
because there is a obesity epidemic and this a way that we can educate our patients about the healthy
lifestyles. Obesity in children now it’s leading to
disease that we never saw before so our effort as a clinic is to educate or
patients even more not just in the medical visit, but outside of the medical
visit. Give them tips, given them resources, explain to them how important it is to have a healthy diet, to drink water, to exercise, to sleep well, and we’re
trying our best to try to improve their lifestyles and improve their health. -Every patient reminds me of my dad, reminds me of my mom, reminds me of my cousins. I want to make sure they have the utmost care. We currently have two
sites – one in Anaheim, one in Santa Ana. We also provide mobile services with our van where we’d go out to you
schools, we go out to rehabilitation centers, we go to senior
centers to extend our outreach outside of our two
brick-and-mortar locations. -We are unique because we are an academic
center and located in a community clinic so we take pride in the fact that we have
several residency programs in the facility – family medicine,
pediatrics, and OBGYN. -I truly believe that a lot of
our patients enjoy working with and developing relationships with the
residents knowing that they’re helping train the
future doctors of tomorrow. -I love not only the patient care but I
love teaching to medical students, to residents.
I want to make sure that they’re equipped, I want to make sure that their
professionally developed to serve the underserved community. -I sort of like to think of it as we are
changing our community one patient at a time, one family at a time.