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Hello everyone. Welcome to Sign1News live. I’m Candace Jones. Here are your top stories for today. Take a look at this incredible image. This is live satellite video of hurricane
Dorian. The massive storm has been downgraded from
category five to category three but forecasters say it is still a major storm and authorities
are warning residents to expect dangerous weather conditions. Dorian has already shown its potential for
massive destruction. In the Bahamas, at least five people have
died including an eight-year-old boy. Bahamian prime minister Hubert Minnis called
the devastation unprecedented and extensive. Dorian is now on a to hit Eastern Florida
Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. The storm is expected to brush along Florida’s
East Coast before heading north, bringing the potential for significant damage and life-threatening
storm surge Georgia and the Carolinas. For now, residents in Florida have done all
they can to prepare. Some have evacuated, others are hunkering
down and waiting it out. Sign1News is posting daily up-to-the-minute
updates on the storm on our app, website, YouTube and Facebook page. Please share these posts with any family or
friends you may have living in the path of the storm so they stay informed and safe. On Labor Day Monday, a commercial boat excursion
was booked with thirty-nine diving enthusiasts on board, thirty-three passengers and six
crew members. The boat was anchored near Santa Cruz Island
off the coast of Southern California. They were expecting a weekend of fun. But at 3 AM local time, the boat captain made
a desperate call for help. A massive blaze had engulfed the entire boat. Five staff members were able to escape but
the Coast Guard said the other thirty-four passengers were trapped below deck, possibly
asleep when the fire broke out. Rescue crews faced foggy conditions and intense
flames refusing to go out. By the time fire crews extinguished the flames,
the boat had sunk into more than 60 feet of water. At least twenty deaths are confirmed according
to the LA Times. Take a look. This is video of dive teams working to rescue
more bodies discovered on the ocean floor near the boat. No word yet on what caused the fire and officials
say there is no evidence yet of foul play. The Coast Guard says the vessel was in compliance
with the regulations. Scientists at the University of Bristol say
a teenage boy went blind after only eating French fries, chips and white bread since
elementary school. The unidentified patient told doctors he was
an extremely picky eater and avoided foods with certain textures. The boy wasn’t taking any medication, had
a normal body mass index (BMI) and height and showed no signs of malnutrition. But eventually he started experiencing
hearing loss and vision loss. Doctors say the boy suffered from vitamin
B12 deficiency, low copper and selenium levels, high zinc levels and reduced vitamin D and
bone density. By the time he turned seventeen, he was permanently
blind. Researchers say the boy suffered from nutritional
optic neuropathy, a dysfunction of the optic nerve. The condition is reversible if treated early
but can lead to blindness if no action is taken. But researchers warn the condition could become
more common due to the mass consumption of junk food. They also warned vegans to make sure to supplement
for vitamin B12 to avoid deficiency. Harry Potter is no longer welcome in one Nashville
school. The seven book series about the young wizard
and his magical adventures was removed from Saint Edward Catholic school’s library. According to a pastor at the school, the curses
and spells used in the books are actual curses and spells. The pastor adds that these books could lead
to people conjuring evil spirits into the presence of the person reading the text. The successful books were written by JK Rowling
and led to a profitable movie franchise. The superintendent with the Catholic diocese
of Nashville says the organization doesn’t have an official position on the Harry Potter
books and the school’s pastor has authority to make the decision he feels is best for
his particular school. Justin Bieber made a personal confession on
Instagram. The twenty-five-year-old singer admitted he
has used heavy drugs in the past. In the post, he opened up about his spiral
into drugs and troubled relationships when he was a teen. He said after being discovered as a child
singer at thirteen years old, he eventually found himself with millions of dollars but
no real world skills. Bieber says by nineteen, he was into heavy
drugs and by twenty, he had made every bad decision you could’ve thought of. He lamented about the pressures put on child
stars and how that often leads to problems in their lives. The Grammy award winner wrote he is now in
the best season of his life, citing his marriage to twenty-two-year-old model Hailey Baldwin
as the reason why. This isn’t the first time Bieber has opened
up about his personal life on Instagram. In March, he used the platform to talk about
his struggles with mental health and his break from the music industry. Krispy Kreme is bringing back its pumpkin
spice glazed doughnut just in time for fall. And it’s hoping to knock out the competition. The chain says you can bring in a not so tasty
pumpkin spice flavored treat from any competitor and traded in for a doughnut for free! This year Krispy Kreme has three varieties
to choose from. The pumpkin spice doughnut is filled with
a specially made cheesecake cream. There is also a pumpkin spice glazed doughnut
and pumpkin spice cake doughnut. But you better hurry. These treats won’t last long. They will only be available from September
2 to September 8. And those are your top stories for today. I’m Candace Jones. Thank you for watching Sign1News live. Remember to follow us on all of our social
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