Six Million Digits of Pi

Who doesn’t love pi? It’s beautiful, it’s elegant. It’s transcendental. Show your appreciation for
the most famous mathematical constant with the Six
Million Digits Of Pi poster. The high quality
wall art expresses is the ratio of a circle’s
circumference to its diameter to nearly six million digits. The numbers are so small,
they’re literally microscopic. So, why only six million digits? An infinite series cannot be
expressed on a single sheet of paper. Duh. Since calculations for
practical purposes, from the atomic
to the cosmic, can be accomplished using
only 39 decimal places, the subsequent 5,999,000
are for funsies. Since these digits are
invisible to the naked eye, the pi poster comes with a
30 times magnifying loupe. Up close, the print
quality of the numbers are almost as beautiful as
the value they represent. But thanks to a clever
typographical printing technique, even at a distance,
reading pi is a piece of cake. Get your nerd on with the six
million digits of pi poster. Buy it now at!