[Smoking] Luis sees his life in colors after his treatment (English)

My name is Luis Arreaza. I’m a radio
announcer and a radio show personality. I’ve been smoking since I
was very young like 18. Every time I quit and I went to
a party and I saw people smoking I had the urge to smoke too. And I did, so all
my efforts, all my work went down the drain. With this therapy is like
magical because I remember when they gave me the therapy
and, I got out and I saw a guy smoking outside of the building.
I just look at him and I felt weird because I didn’t
want to smoke. It’s not only work to overcome the habit
the bad habit of smoking. I became a better person. Since my therapy in Abrahamson Center
not only I quit smoking, I lost 28 pounds. Not only
changing the habit of smoking. But also, getting better at some
other things in your life. I have more energy to do exercise.
I go to sleep earlier and I wake up earlier. You have to experience that,
to see how great and powerful it is to overcome a bad habit, that is
going to kill you if you don’t deal with it. You have to really really want to quit.
You have to really really really make the change. So I did, and it worked.
Thank God. I feel great. I feel awesome,
my life is in colors now. I have a six years old boy,
so I want to be around him. So, that motivates me to be a
better person, to put aside the bad habits and to enjoy life and
live healthy. If you make the decision to do it, be honest to
yourself and open up and let them help you.