Snake Bite First-Aid

– Mario, snake. Snake, snake, snake. All right, I’m
makin’ a move on it. Got it, got it. I’m losin’, I’m losin’ it. (yelling) Oh, that’s on my finger. (upbeat music) (gentle music) – [Voiceover]
Slithering with stealth through the tangles
of palm plants, the Northern Water Snake
is constantly on the search for its next meal. If you enter the serpent’s lair, and attempt to capture it. – Got it. – [Voiceover] There’s a good
chance you’ll be bitten. – I’m losin’, I’m losin’ it. (yelling) Oh, that’s on my finger. Ah! Oh boy. Ah, that’s a big bite. Whoo! Ah, ah, now it’s onto my arm. Oh boy. Yeah, I am definitely bleeding. Youch! Took a bite on the finger and a full bite
all across my arm. – [Voiceover] This is how to
clean up a water snake bite. – All right, well, the
aftermath of a water snake bite. I got chomped pretty good there. Not exactly what
I was going for, but when you grab
onto a water snake to make sure and
get the episode, you do whatever it takes. As we all know at this point, the water snake is a
nonvenomous species. If that was a venomous snake, I would be rushing
myself to the hospital. Or rather, Mario, you
would be rushing me to the hospital at that
point and we’d be looking at a completely different
type of first aid, but what I have hear, Survival Emergency Solutions
Frst Aid Field Kit. This is pretty awesome. Now, these guys sent me
these first aid kits. Very cool kit. It’s got all the details
about what’s inside of the kit right here on the front,
and on the inside, you can see just how
organized everything is. It even has gloves for
infection protection. At this point, I don’t think
I’m gonna get an infection from this water snake bite, but the first thing I’m gonna do is actually use some saline
solution to clean it off. Now, let me hold up my
hand here for you, Mar. You can see on my pinky, where the snake’s entire mouth
chomped on and wrapped around and actually ripped some
holes in the flesh there, and I actually think, oh,
yep, hold on a second, you’re not gonna be
able to see this, but that right there
is a snake tooth. Now, like sharks,
snakes are constantly regenerating their teeth and
water snakes specifically have six rows of teeth. One after another after another, but as they lose these teeth, they just grow right
back in and are replaced. So, I went that entire scene, with actually having a snake
tooth stuck in my finger. Now, I was also
bitten on my arm, and you can see the
entire bite radius of that snake’s
mouth right there. Now, at this point,
it doesn’t really hurt and that’s because
in their saliva, they do have a little
bit of a numbing agent, but because of the snake
saliva being in there, and also the fact that I was
in that gross pond water. What I’m gonna wanna do
is just clean that off with a little bit
of saline solution. This is cool. This is just like a little tube and I think you, yep, I
just twist that off there, and I’m gonna use
a cotton gauze swab to clean off the bite site. Now, with those two bite sites, what I actually wanna do is just sorta saturate
this with saline. There we go. That’s good. And go ahead and get a
shot of my finger there. Just sorta wipe that off. I don’t wanna get any
of that pond gunk, oh yeah look at that, all
that dirt comin’ off of there. Snake saliva and also
on my forearm there. Wipe that off really good. That’ll help just get any of the swampy debris off of my arm. Looks a little cleaner, right? Okay, here we go. Now, I also have
skin cleaning wipes and there’s an
antiseptic in this that will help kill
any of the germs that are nestling
down into my skin from the areas where
the teeth went in. I have a feeling that this
might sting a little bit. Ready? Ah, yep, just a touch, but not as bad as
getting an infection. Now, it’s not actually
the snake bite that would give me an infection, but the dirty pond water
that got into the bites that I have to worry about. There we go. Yeah, that does sting a bit. Now believe it or not guys, that’s about all you need to do for a nonvenomous snake bite. However, if you want to, you
certainly can put on a bandaid. Now, you can also of course put Neosporin on these
bites if you want, but these bandages actually
have an anti-infection cream right there in the padding. So, I’m just gonna
cover that up. Like that. Perfect. Now, I always carry a
first aid kit with me out into the wilderness. You guys don’t always see
it, but it always in my pack because you never know
when you’re gonna need to administer first
aid for yourself or one of the crew members. Now, when it comes
to water snakes, remember guys, it is
a nonvenomous species. So, if you come across
one in the wild, and you decide to catch it, do be aware that
it can bite you, but if you are bitten, it’s
not going to be that bad. However, I must emphasize
that because they’re so bitey, it always best to admire
them from a safe distance. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next location. If you missed my encounter
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