Solar Ear – Zimbabwe – A Rechargeable Hearing Aid | UNICEF

There’s an African proverb which says There are 200 million people with a hearing impairment in Africa. It’s my dream that by using the sun we can begin to solve this problem. My name is Tendeyaki Katsiga. I’m not a scientist or an engineer but I saw a problem and wanted
to solve it. The technology we have developed is simple but the application is changing lives. So they’re outside… they’re being charged.
These are the solar powered hearing aids. (singing) So if the batteries were flat, we didn’t have
enough money… we didn’t have money to buy. Because things were tough at that time. A flat battery should not be the end of a dream. In Zimbabwe it costs US$4 a month to power a hearing aid. If it’s a choice between bread and batteries, the choice is simple. Children with hearing impairments represent one of the most marginalized groups in society. Opportunities to express their views and concerns are restricted and educational opportunities
are often non existent. (bad sound) My dream is that people determine their own destiny. These young people just like Tapiwa are going to be the innovators of tomorrow. I have no