Spa Doterra Detoxifying Mud Mask Purifying Demo

hello guys welcome to my channel today I
wanted to go ahead and test out a detoxifying mud mask this one is from
spa doTERRA and this is a detoxifying mud
mask with um it’s a natural mud mask infused with essential oils earth clays
purifying minerals and nourishing botanicals so it does say to put a dime
sized amount and massage in a circular motion for ten and then leave on for ten
minutes I’ve used this already it’s really
really nice that’s a lovely clay mask I like to use
or I like to apply masks with a brush with a synthetic brush this one’s from
Tarte C I’m gonna put about this much and just apply it onto my face I already
washed my face and that’s all I did and I’m hoping the clay will help to
purify my skin since I’m breaking out a little bit let’s do like light notice
like you should do like a light layer not heavy
then it won’t dry down pretty sure a dime-sized is not enough
but maybe if I used my fingers the product would go longer I just wanted to
try it this way because last time I did use my fingers so testing it out both
ways my lips are like bright pink and it’s not coming off this this tint is
here to stay tonight I tested out some liquid lips from colour-pop and it just
does not want to come off so I’m going to look super glamorous with my lips so
I’m gonna leave this on for 10 minutes and I will be right back okay guys I am
back I was reading about 9 about doTERRA it says to leave the mask on for 3 to 5
minutes and on the container it says 10 I could see how it would take just like
3 to 5 because I felt like almost like a minute or two after it started to dry
down so it does depend on the amount they of a layer that you put on it feels
very very tightening for sure and like you can see my pores through it and so
that to me means that it was able to go actually like deep into the pores online
it was saying that it’s infused with myrrh
juniper berry great whew and grapefruit essential oils and shea butter it has
melon Kyte melonchek don’t know how to pronounce that um extract that is rich
in copper that provides the detoxifying benefits it has lentil seed that helps
the appearance of pores and it has berry clay which is green
clay and that’s to help purify the skin and reduce the appearance of oily skin
which is what I have so this time and the last time it was really really like
tightening afterwards my face felt really purified it really did I really
felt like it did something for my skin so I’m gonna rinse this off and then
I’ll come back alright guys so um I rinsed off the mask
and I really like the smells there’s essential oils in it it does feel very
spa-like it’s just really nice it feels very purifying I think this one online
was like $19.99 I’m not a hundred percent sure I’ll link the information
down below if I can find it for you but yeah I’m gonna go ahead and go to sleep
now so we will see you in my next video