Spravato (Eskatimine) for depression – PHARMACIST REVIEW 2019

so today I’m going to review spre vato
the neo depressant approved by the FDA only two weeks ago this drug makes me
very very happy and it makes me very very scared keep watching so are the blue two weeks ago I woke up
to the news that the FDA have granted a license to a new antidepressant
medication called thus privado based on ketamine and this made me very
happy on one hand and very scared on the other hand let me tell you first
why I may be very happy proviso is a treatment for treatment-resistant
depression so this is a type of depression where people basically do not
respond to any of the conventional treatments that strike they try and in
America alone let alone the rest of the world in America alone they’re sixteen
point two million people with depression that’s six point seven percent of the
entire population of the country and a third of those people do not respond to
any of the treatments offered to them and they are classified as having
treatment resistant depression and it’s one of the most horrible things to
comprehend to know that you are depressed you have a diagnosis of
depression but your psychiatrist just turns around and says Sorry Sorry mate
there’s nothing else I can give you you’ve tried everything I mean that is
just like staring into the into the abyss so thankfully this will prove a
tremendous option I really hope you know a real godsend for people with this type
of a depression and that really really makes me very happy
oh if you have been diagnosed with depression and you’ve tried at least two
different drugs you maxed out the dose of those drugs you’ve tried them for long
enough then you are classified well you you are defined as having treatment
resistant depression and at that point you can go force Spravato
not before that so don’t think that this is a drug that you can just go quickly
somewhere ask your psychiatrist until just write it for you know you have to
have tried all the other treatments available at least two of them the other
reason it makes me very happy is because it works so fast the literature says it
works in as little as one day in 24 hours I think more realistically it
might be a week or maybe five days but even that is incredible
because the current treatments treatments like prozac and all the
common treatments for depression they take weeks they take you you have to
wait four to six weeks for the treatment to fully kick in so this is again this
is amazing news for people with depression who want to get better as
soon as possible and the third reason why it makes me happy is because it’s
incredibly restricted so the supply of this is only through says and
psychiatrist when a patient enrolls to take this medication they have to kind
of sign a form on the psychiatrist signs a form and then when they take think
they’re taking in this in the psychiatrist’s office they have to be monitored for at
least two hours afterwards so there’s incredible restriction on the use and
possession of this drug and that makes me very happy and the reason for that
would make sense later in the video so hang around now let’s move on to why
this new drug makes me very scared number one is the side effects so this
drug is based on ketamine you might think hmmm that rings a bell
so if you are a little party boy or a party girl back in the 80s and 90s there’s
a good chance you fried this this was a huge party drug hallucinogenic people
took it and they just wanted that euphoria like that feeling that they
were walking on the moon that light headedness
and it was really really popular recreational drug back then and this
Spravato is based on this very drug another way ketamine is used is as an
anesthetic as a horse tranquilizer and the side effects can be incredibly
deadly if you don’t use it properly so if you overdose on ketamine you are
pretty much finished because it basically just shuts you down and you
just lose consciousness and you’re gonna at low to moderate doses it has a pain
killin effect obviously it has an antidepressant effect it gives a little
bit of euphoria but it still impairs your motor skills so obviously when you
take this you won’t be able to drive cars or operate machinery you are pretty
much out of action so this drug has to be
used incredibly carefully and the second reason why this makes me very scared is
the potential for abuse I’m convinced this drug is gonna have a massive
massive street value because think about it would you would a user potentially
use it would they buy something of the street that they have no idea what’s in
it they buy in a street corner or would they buy something that has a license
that is clean that they can be confident that it you know it doesn’t contain
anything nasty of course they’re gonna go for the license safe option even if
that means they pay an extra so this is probably going to open up a whole new
front in terms of sellers and users and you know people who want to make money
of this you know horrible people so that really really worries me
by the way the dimension of the cost of this drug nine hundred dollars for one
treatment cycle nine hundred dollars massively expensive and another reason
why I’m really worried about especially the long term side effects is because
this drug was rushed through it did not go through all the trials that a normal
drug goes through before being marketed and given a license the FDA even say in
their press release that they’ve rushed it through i can’t remember they they used
some sort of a name of a program basically it’s a drug for an area of
medicine where there are no many alternatives treatment resistant
depression there’s not many options there so they’ve use that
logic to rush this drug through saying that you know what, there’s not
many treatments available for that condition so we really need to make the
most of this this new innovative treatment and brush it through so how
much do we know about the long-term side effects probably not much oh by the way
if you are a pregnant women are thinking of using this forgets it you’re not
going to have it is too dangerous and if you are a woman on this drug you
have to have you have to take extreme proportions in terms of contraception
because this drug can be very dangerous in pregnancy and if you starts it good
luck with it I hope it works for you if you have already tried it maybe there’s
some has tried it in the last two weeks leave
a comment in the section below if you have depression and you’ve tried other
treatments leave a message in the comments below tell us
your experiences I hope you found it useful I hope you find the video useful
take care see you soon