Stomach Swelling Treatment Eight Ways To Eliminate Stomach Swelling

Eight ways to eliminate stomach swelling. In addition to sending a well-balanced diet,
you can eliminate swelling and discomfort of your stomach by doing an appropriate massage. Have you experienced stomach swelling? Have
you ever worried that you do not know how to deal with it? Today, I will show you how
to easily remove swollen stomach. 1. Massage to reduce gas: I think that it is occasionally feasible that
the gas gathers in the stomach and is stretched over the bread. Just a simple massage can get rid of this
discomfort. Workaround: Place 4 fingers in the center of your stomach,
sideways. Let’s hit the place where you feel the index finger is stretched.
Once you have confirmed the location, do a gentle massage in a clockwise direction for
2-3 minutes. If you do it correctly, it will be easy to
understand because a lot of saliva will come out . 2. Massage to improve fluid retention: To solve the fluid retention in the tissues,
which may cause swelling of the stomach, it is better to do a massage. Workaround: Let’s make a point for massage place. It is
a place away from the navel above the two fingers.
Gently pressurize and massage in a clockwise direction for 2-3 minutes. Let’s do it next
time against the clock next time. 3. Massage to promote intestinal activity: Next, let’s introduce a massage that activates
intestinal activity and prevents constipation . Constipation is also one of the causes of
swelling in the stomach. Workaround: Massage in a clockwise direction for 2 to
3 minutes in the place that you went from the navel to the bottom of the 4 fingers.
Let’s do it next time against the clock next time.
This simple movement causes bowel movement .
In addition to dissolving constipation, it will eliminate the stomach swelling. 4. Drink plain hot water with lemon juice: Just drink a cup of lemon juice containing
15 to 20 minutes before breakfast will normalize secretion of stomach acid and alleviate symptoms
of heartburn. This method prevents gas accumulation in the
intestine. Also, vitamin C is also plentiful because it is good. 5. I will not drink Latte for breakfast: Do not many people drink coffee with milk
in the breakfast? However, if you want to maintain the health
of your digestive system, let’s take another one. Let’s remember that milk stimulates secretion
of gastric acid . Coffee also has the same effect on the stomach
as milk. Drinking coffee and milk together will further increase acidity. Workaround: People who would like to eat dairy products
by morning, let’s eat yogurt instead of milk . You can increase healthy bacteria that encourage
digestion by eating yogurt. 6. Do not drink alcohol on the vacant side: Let’s remember that alcohol also stimulates
the secretion of stomach acid . This is a problem especially when the stomach
is empty. It slows down the function of the stomach and causes damage to the stomach wall. Please be aware that people drinking on a
daily basis are killing gastrointestinal micro-plants. The best thing is to drink alcohol moderately.
And do not ever drink on an empty stomach, let’s always drink something to eat. 7. Do not eat foods with a lot of lipids: People who eat lots of fatty food on a daily
basis, take care. Remember that fast food and desserts with
lots of sugar will slow digestion speed. The more difficult digestion, the more gases
are produced in the stomach. If you want to avoid discomfort and weight
from eating fatty foods , try to keep a balanced diet that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables. Changes should soon appear on your body. 8. Eat a proper amount of food including fiber: It is important to eat a lot of fiber-containing
foods, but be careful not to eat too much. Let ‘s eat it as recommended amount per day
such as fruits, vegetables, berries, beans etc. If you take too much fiber it will also cause
swelling and gas generation. Sometimes the function of the bowel is diminished.