Straw brace for De quervain’s syndrome (thumb pain, tenosynovitis treatment/exercises)

Please see the previous video (MUST-SEE) For the exercises, I don’t recommend grip strength exercises squeezing a ball like that, because it’s not a strength issue also many people do touching each finger with the thumb like that, but it’s not a motor control issue. So you don’t want to do that. So if this is the bone and this is the retinaculum(wrist band) and your tendon goes under there(the band) and if your muscle’s being tightened up. Tendon is being stretched out because your muscle’s pulling it away from the bone and if you keep using that muscle contracting contracting contracting moving up and down up and down so the sheath of the tendon is being rubbed against the band and then inflamed after massage. We’re going to do some lengthening exercises ok again, the principle is the same as tendon rehab. your pain level should be below 4 out of 10 and you need to build up slowly ok? The first exercise is with this band when you do the ‘thumb up’ position your muscles contract, and when you take your thumb in these muscles will get stretched out. So if you do that action your muscle will get shortened (contracted) some muscle gets shortened lengthened shortened and lengthened So we don’t want to do that shortening exercises because your muscles are already quite tight, and we just loosened up so we want to lengthen up the Muscle a little bit with eccentric, lengthening exercises, so you take your thumb out to the side, using the other hand (the other fingers helping out) and then from there slowly. Move in pull it out with the other hand and you just increase the tension as you spread out your fingers the tension on the band will go up right? from there. slowly move your thumb inwards so these muscles will be stretched out under loading OK again pull it out. You don’t want to do this by yourself. Ok? So pull it out with the other hand. Pull it out and increase the tension
and move your thumb in. if that’s painful you just do this Hold it there. Hold for 10 seconds Maybe two sets to start with and slowly build up. Actually if you can hold for 45 seconds, according to tendon rehab studies, that 45-second hold can actually give you a pain relief and at the same time. You can maintain the muscle strength as well. If you don’t have any pain, you actually do this exercises start with two sets of 5, two sets of 10 and slowly build up to 3 sets of 15 twice a day and if that’s difficult. Doing this kind of thing (band) you can use your own finger (the other hand) (from)the Thumb up position, you’re gonna push down, while resisting through the thumb. (Again) in the thumb up position, your muscle’s activated. From there, I’m pushing it down with my other hand. so that these muscles will get a little bit stretched out while controlling that stretching force you can use your palm as well. Take your thumb back and push down. Again 3-4 out of 10 is ok(pain level), but beyond that you don’t want to do this exercise you just hold it. hold it like that, so give it a bit of resistance. And hold it for even 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15, 20, up to 45 seconds, you slowly build up and once you can do the holding exercises, maybe 5 times a day without any pain. You can actually slowly push down and start that eccentric exercises. and also you need to lengthen up this muscle too this muscle brings your thumb inwards. your muscle shortens and lengthens the other way, so we’ll start with that muscle in a shortened position first, and then as you push in, try to pull back with the other hand ok so push in and pull back back back back back When you do this exercises your normal pain area shouldn’t be painful 2-3 out of 10 pain is ok Ok, but more than that, or any lasting pain is not good. Ok your pain should stop when you stop the movement. So even though you stop the movement or stop exercises or massage the pain last for in a few minutes or 10 minutes 20 minutes.. That’s not good. That means you’ve irritated the inflamed tendon. So you don’t want to continue doing that same exercises or just reduce that range. If you bring your thumb too far out like that. If you feel the pain, just stop about there before you feel the pain, so that’s the exercise for that muscle and the last one is for the pronator so pronator muscle shortens when you thumb rotates inwards, and when your forearm goes to the other side your muscle will be lengthened so you hold the weight(very small weight) or just water bottle 500g and just put your forearm onto a table and just rotate your forearm out to the side, so that your palm facing up. So when you come back, You have to help with the other hand and go down slowly. And come back up so this is actually good for golfer’s Elbow as well. I’m gonna make another video about golfers elbow, which will include this exercise and come back up and you can try something like this because shoulder sits forward and that affects your forearm rotated inwards and thumb as well Just rotate your arm out to the side like that, so don’t bring your arm backwards, just rotation. and as you rotate you bring your chest forward and squeeze between your shoulder blades as you rotate your arms out, You try to breathe into chest. expand your chest as much as you can and as you come back. breathe out. and breathe in And when you do that if you can tuck your chin in and push your whole head backwards, that will be fantastic, as you push your head back with your chin in you can activate more of that spinal muscles attached between your shoulder blades and upper neck area So it’s better but if you feel pain around your neck, Probably you need to stick to that arm roation only this symptom is very painful and easily gets irritated. and It is very important not to aggravate your symptoms. so I’m gonna show you how to make a brace using a straw. so this is how it’s done starting from the base of your thumb, and goes all the way down. This straw is a bit hard, so there is a little bit of gap here, but you should use a softer one so that it can lay down along the muscle and tendon it can give you a bit of more Freedom compared to the wrist brace this might help with the pain, but it doesn’t really fix the problem. So give it a go. And if it’s effective you just use it. but the long-term solution is the massage and the lengthening exercises, so that’s it. your thumb pain is also similar to tendon problems, so we should take a similar approach as we do for the Tendem rehab. Massage the actual muscle and don’t touch on the actual pain area. Don’t touch on the tendon. don’t compress. Don’t stretch. Of course. It is an overuse injury, but compression and stretching play a role definitely so we can’t do anything with the hormone but we can do something with that stretching and compression component. We need to loosen up your muscles and lengthen up at the same time and just work on the Actual root cause of that pain but the most important thing is not to aggravate your symptoms. So try to avoid anything that gives you pain around that area and just try that brace and let me know how you feel. If you’ve found this video useful, subscribe like and share with someone’s Mum you know. I hope this video helps. Thanks very much. See you next time