STRAWBERRY WATERMELON DOG TREAT | How to make Frozen DIY Dog Treats | Snacks with the Snow Dogs 82

Guess what we’re doing today? I don’t know about you guys…
Up here in Michigan, we are experiencing
some crazy warm weather. No joke! It was like ninety (90) degrees the other day.
I believe is eighty seven (87) right now. The weather is not supposed to break up here
for at least another two (2) days. Today, we are making…
Frozen strawberry watermelon dog treats. That’s right! We are making some frozen dog treats
to help cool these puppies down. Let’s do it! Before we get too far into this video,
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in the video description below. Let’s get to making some of these treats.
Because, holy cow! Is hot in here! I had to turn the AC off for this, so were
doing this fast. The first thing you are going to need,
is a seedless watermelon. The nice thing about this treat is,
you don’t need a whole watermelon. You’ll have enough for you and the dogs.
Actually and realistically, if you want to eat
these frozen treats, you actually can. Look! I have as much watermelon for Jamie and I. Some of you may notice,
I said seedless watermelon. This watermelon still does have a little bit
of seeds in it. Basically all I have to do is,
like cutting around… Really?
(licking sounds) All we’re going to do is to take the spoon and
were gonna spoon out, some of this watermelon. We’re going to put into one of these cups. I’m actually going to keep this as a bowl
to use for a photo of the treats. You don’t actually have to do that. Let’s see what they think of watermelon. Just as it is, well Memphis likes it. What you think? Shelby is like,
“Humm… Maybe…” How about you? Oakley spitted out the watermelon! Wait a minute! Didn’t you guys did this
with strawberries the last time too? That slurps good, right?
(licking sounds) Is better, once we mix it up,
all together. Right Shelby? Shelby says,
“It’s better once we mix it up, all together.” Anyway, I’m just going to take the spoon and going
to scoop out, little chunks of watermelon. I need, about a cup. Memphis is like,
“I’m going to help!” Memphis is like,
“I’m totally going to help!” I’m making this recipe for three (3) dogs. You can always make less if you want to. There’s my cup of watermelon and also
poured a little bit of the juice, down in there as well. As you can see, I kind of cut around the seeds
so, I did not had to worry about it. Next step… Let’s see, what Shelby thinks of watermelon,
with a little bit of cream cheese on it. Since it’s her favorite dip ever…
How about watermelon with cream cheese? Shelby just needs her dip!
That’s all she needs! The next thing, you are going to need,
is about a cup of chopped up strawberries. I went ahead and chopped these up, ahead of time.
I washed them and chopped them up. You wanna try one? Oh! You ate that one! How about you Memphis? You ate one!
How about you Shelby? She ate it!
She ate it, without dip. You ate the strawberry? She ate the strawberry without a dip.
Last time, was with bananas. You guys have to remind me! Anyway, one (1) cup of straberries. Let’s set that aside. Set the watermelon aside. Then, we’re going to need one (1) container
of plain Greek yogurt. Now, what we’re gonna do is to mix these three (3)
things together. I wanna add one more thing,
but don’t want to overfill my blender. We’re going to take the watermelon… The strawberries… And the yogurt… Put the yogurt in here… You like this. Don’t you?
Oh yeah! I thought so. You are like,
“I love that!” How about you?
Oh, I thought so… How about you? I think, they like the yogurt. Actually, I don’t think I overfilled the blender too much.
I’m adding the last ingredient now, instead of waiting. I was going to add it…
(shaking sounds) Will just mix it now. The last thing you are going to need
is one (1) cup of unsweetened coconut milk. If you don’t have coconut milk,
you can use water. You probably don’t really want to use
regular milk because we already added yogurt. Too much dairy can upset some dogs stomachs. As always, you guys this is a treat.
Not meant to be a meal replacement. This is just something they can have once
in a while. If your dog is sensitive to certain foods,
switch things out or try different things. My dogs have already had this stuff before
and they all do very good with it. Pour that in… We are going to put this lid on. We are going to mix it in our ‘Nutri Bullet’. Alright! We’re ready to make some noise…
(blender sounds) What you girls think?
Does it smell so good? Woooo!
That’s smells very strawberry! Now, I’m gonna take these super cute
strawberry mold that I found. These are silicon strawberry molds and
will put an ‘Amazon’ affiliate link for these,
down in the video description below. We are going to fill these,
about two thirds (2/3) of the way, with this. Then, we’re gonna stick them in the freezer.
Before I do that, I’m going to pour this
in here to make it easier to pour. Probably, will have more than the
amount of molds I have. If you end up with extra and you don’t have
enough trays to freeze them, you can take
this and stick in the fridge. When your trays are empty,
add more to the freezer. Here we go… Some of you may have noticed that
this is very similar to the popular
watermelon treat that we had done. It is very similar, but there’s more strawberry
than watermelon and has yogurt in it. There’s more like strawberry smootie type
of frozen treat. If you guys never seen
the watermelon video, I will put that link in the cards above and again,
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You will always know, when we put a new
treat video every other Monday. That’s when we try to put them up. Today was so hot, that we had to do
something frozen. Speaking of hot,
I’m going to put this in the freezer. Because I need to turn the AC back on.
We’ll see you guys in a bit. Check that out! We’ve done it!
Look it! Look the frozen strawberries! Oh my goodness! Does it looks amazing?
Shelby, you want to try one (1)? We should probably take them outside,
so you can try them outside. Yeah? OK! We got to do that outside.
Because they are iced and will get
super sticky here. Yeah? Looks super sticky.
One at a time, let’s go outside and try some
frozen treats! Alright! Time to try a treat.
Are you ready Memphis?
What can I get you to do? Jump! OK! Sit! Can you… Speak? Speak! That was a stomp! Try speak! (bark) Good job! Ok! Sit! Ready? Ready? It’s gonna be… Delicious! Oh my! I’m holding it for a second.
She realized what it is, instead of swallowing it. Oh! Is it good stuff?
Alright, I’m letting it go. Oh yeah! Good girl!
You crunched that right up. And is gone…
What you think? Was it good?
Did you could taste it? I did heard you chewing, which is a good thing. We convince her to chew it.
That was it! You ate it.
There’s more inside. I’ll get you another one later. Alright! Is Miss Shelby’s turn.
Shelby, can you speak?
(bark) Good girl! Can you turn around? Good job! Sit! You want it? You want this? Do you speak? No? Speak!
(bark) Good job! You got it? I want to do the same thing with you. There you go…
Realized that is a frozen thing. Oh, there you go! Shelby is like,
“Wait! It’s frozen!” Chew it up? Good stuff! Huh? Yeah? See, I knew you would eat it
once it was all together. She’s like,
“Oh! I like treats when they are completed
more than when they’re separated pieces…” Eat that last bite, so Oakley can have hers. Now, is Miss Oakley’s turn!
I knew you can jump.
Can you sit? See if we can get you to sit.
I know you can jump. Sit! You are almost there! Sit! You did… You can do it! You did it! Ready? I did not said jump!
There you go…
Again, I’ll give it to you nice. You got it? You realized is a frozen treat? Oakley’s decided to eat hers on the grass. But… You did not ate it. You didn’t… Oh… OK! Are you checking?
You didn’t…
Didn’t eat it? Oh… OK! Oakley is like,
“Maybe I won’t eat it on the grass…” OK, let’s move to cement. That was the problem? You don’t wanted to get grass in it? OK! I knew you liked treats like this. Good stuff? Oakley says,
“This is a win!” They are all looking for more pieces. Alright you guys!
That is all we have for today’s video. We hope you enjoyed this treat video. Let us know down in the comments below,
if this is something you are going to try and make
for your dogs? Again, we are supposed to have another super hot
day here today, so I think this was
a perfect treat for the dogs. As always you guys,
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