Subnautica: Below Zero | Part 1 | STILL HATE THE OCEAN…

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome back to Subnautica. Yes, it is time to get back into the ocean of which there are new- duh new (mistakes have been made) This is a whole new game. Basically, it kinda builds on the whole premise of before, its not exactly an expansion pack because it’s a separate ga- Whatever, it’s a lot of premise for a lot a. It’s more Subnautica, but this time… it’s cold. (No duh) (Meet Captain Obvious) I mean, that’s about it. So, expect it to be a bit more polished than the last time, Subnautica was first released as an early access thing This is a new early access version of the game, the game is not going to be fully released for a long time. Subnautica is done. This is a year after the events of Subnautica. After the escape, I don’t even know if this is the same planet. And frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same planet. (Sure, bud) But the fact that they’re back on the same planet after the shit that went down and killed almost the entire galaxy from the VIRUS? Yeah, I’m thinking that maybe it might be, a bit of a dangerous thing to come back here. But we’re here, and that’s all that matters. Same corporation, same, UH, technology, but different person, probably. Maybe. I dunno. VO: [We are different, but we go together.] (OOH spooky) Alright, Empy. Good to know you’re ba- wait, no you’re not back, you diiiiiiiiied. I know you died. oh This is nice. It feels pretty good- OOoooo. Wooow! Is this what a nice base looks like? Because, to be perfectly honest, I’m not– Let’s put an old… I can’t… I can– I can… Hang on lemme– No, I wanted to “snooze” that. [knuckles fucking explode] AAAAAaa OAAAAA Oh my God! Patch 1.1 “Stop the cracking” Hahahaha! Alright, anyway, well that was excellent, thank you. Thank you. (gotcha) Robin Goodall, Alterra application review, okay. Alright. Interviewer: “Why have you applied for this role?” Robin: “Everyone’s talking about 4546B. Who hasn’t applied?! “Maybe Jeffreys.” “No, Jeffreys signed on last week. Why THIS assignment?” “The last time we found sentient alien life was Streder fffffssss-six. Seventeen years ago. It’s been fun, but frankly, I’m bored, and you have telepathic squid.” “Do you know how I talk to them?” I think you correlate responses against stimuli, and–”
“I do what THEY do. “If they bathe in liquid nitrogen and [stutters] talk with their feet, I put on a coat and I pull a handstand. “But, this recruitment process? It’s most alien of all. So I’m trying to correlate my responses here. “I want us to understand each other. Put me on that planet. I’ll talk with the fish for you.” (Sounds fun) “Thank you, Miss Goodall. Sandra– Sandra?! –Sandra will show you out. SAHNDHRA?!” Yeah, okay. Apparently, Robin’s a little, uh, over-eager. Okay. BoooOOOring. “We are different, but we go together” (hey I know where that came from) — Okay. So expect it to be the basic template of the same game. Is tHaT mE? iS thAT Me? I’m BeAUtIfuL! Is that me?! I hope that’s me. They’re cute (Penglings and Pengwings), but, I’m beautiful. Oh, my God, I’m pretty. Hello! Okay, so it looks like the same planet, because these are definitely the same creatures, and that’s definitely the same plants. I dunno what the hell you are (Its a plant, Mark), but I like you. Hello? Okay. Hello? Sit? [Mark silently sits, wondering why the fuck he decided to play game directly involved with the ocean. Enjoy this sight while you can.] NICE Man, this is what it looks like when someone actually cares about– whoa. Thahahahat is a big boy! That’s a big boy! That’s a big boy. Okay. Alright, let’s just getti out of here, I guess. [Unlocks bulkhead] Uh-huh. [big SWOOSH] Ohh! My Go — Okay, you’re just putting me to shame, because this is way better than it– OH MY GAWD! Are you kidding me with this ridiculous– “Remember, information leading to the w- activation of alien techonologies is rewarded with automatic rights buyout and a 10,000 credit bonus!” (Sounds like a hell of a deal to me) “Research of cultural or historical value is not included in the bonus scheme. Buyout still applies.” Great! OKAY COOL! (dos r som big words) Here I go, baby. I’m going for it. Wow! Wow, wow, wow! That’s actually pretty cool. Okay. That’s pretty cool; I like that. Look at my hands.
– SAM: “Station Zero, this is Vesper. Come in.” Hi?
– ROBIN: “Hi, Sam.” SAM: “We lost contact with Jeffreys up at the research site.” ROBIN: “Okay, I’ll check it out.” SAM: “Understood.” ROBIN: “You know, the formal bit is cute, but we’ve shared a womb. “Would it kill your career to act like we’d met before?” SAM: “Robin, you know these conversations are monitored.” ROBIN: “I don’t care who knows it’s cute. I’ve been here two weeks; we’ve hardly spoken.” SAM: “Because you went straight to the planet.” “Find Jeffreys. Chat later.” ROBIN, sarcastically: “Yes, ma’am.” Uh-huh. Okay, so we’re twin sisters apparently. Alright, that makes sense. Where’s Sam? I saw a snowman over here– I’m gonna– I’m gonna give it a look. Also, I’ve got a voice, which is not what happened la– “GASP” You’re cute! I like you! Goodbye– hOOoo, nOOOo! [da poor snowman] WhAT hAvE I DoNE?! What have– I can’t crouch –What have I done? [Sad Markimoo] I’m a bad– I’m over it– Okay, I’m over it. …Uuum… What’s over here? Will I break my legs if I do this? [Legs explode and Robin shrieks;] Ooow! My legs! I don’t care about that. Here we go– Okay, no animation for that, but that’s fine. Early access. My legs are moderately snapped. Umm… Yeah, okay, let’s just follow the trail. Uh, I’m done exploring the environment– Ooh – my – God. Oohh. Ohh… Uh… [nervous laughter] No, I don’t think so. Nah, I’m okay, you frickin’ space heater. You stove top. (That’s not nice, Mark) I don’t– Here, gimme something, you– – [Robin groans in pain]
– Ow! (Plants have feelings) You ARE a space heater! [Mark dies laughing] – [Robin grunting, groaning in pain]
– You’re a space heater! Ugh! Agh! – [Robin grunting, groaning in pain]
– [Mark mimicking her sounds of pain as a joke] – [Robin grunting, groaning in pain]
– Ew! Ohh! Urgh! [damn I feel bad for Robin] – [Robin grunting, groaning in pain]
– [Mark laughing at her] I’m sorry. I’m not taking this very seriously, but you are a space heater. [laughing] That is hilarious! That is really funny!
Okay, alright, you were– Ohh. I hate it. Okay. I was about to say, you WERE creepy, you guys ARE creepy (Mark what did we just learn about making fun of the plants?) [laughing] Oh, my goodness gracious! [laughing] Alright! Okay, that is… Whoa, that’s– that’s ten types of not okay. Alright. Sam?? Er– Not Sam. Who am I looking for? Uhh… Roger?– Ooh, I remember you. Billy? Jeffrey? I think it was Jeffrey. (Jeffrys, but close) Hey, Jeffrey! [stupid accent] Why you bein’ such an AHhoe? Why can’t you be back at the base? Did you die? Whoa… Ohh… Weird ice. Okay. Right. Jeffrey, are you dead because of the aliens? Did the aliens make you dead? Is that a coffee machine? That’s a coffee machine! Oh, hey! How ya doin’, coffee box? Can I…? Okay, never mind. Alright. ALIEN FACILITY: “Warning: access denied. Further efforts will be denied forcefully. Concede, Robin Goodall.” ROBIN: “How do you know my name? I come in peace!” “…Sam, the building just powered up! It spoke to me!” That ain’t right.
– SAM: “Are you safe? “It’s never done that before.” ROBIN: “I’m fine. No sign of Jeffreys.” [Probably dead but okay Subnautica] SAM: “I’ve got an electrical storm on the sensors.” [thunder] (oh shit) Ah!
– ROBIN: “I think it’s already here.” SAM: “That cavern isn’t stable. I want you to get back to-”
[static interrupts her like a bitch] ROBIN: “Sam?! Dammit!” Uh-oh. Hell-o! Alright. “During their occupation of 4546b, the mysterious race of space-faring aliens we refer to as the Almanac selected a number of sites around the planet at which to build their vast facilities While the focus of their mission to save their kind from the bacterium was the emperor specimen contained at the primary containment facility, their other installations served a variety of precautionary and support roles.” Why (where’d you get that from?) “While zero sector contains a number of now-familiar alien sanctuaries, the alien facility in close proximity to the main reserch station remains one of the few whose purpose we have yet to discover.” “This will be the focus of our endeavors in the zero sector.” “What We Know:
Frozen beneath the ice hundreds of years ago, the facility lays dormant to this day. We have progressed only through the first force-field, gaining access to the antechamber where a combination lock of a type we don’t understand prevents further exploration. Whatever is inside, it is protected more thoroughly than anything else we have encountered. (probably for a reason) Alright! Maybe that’s for a reason! Maybe we shouldn’t go in there! Made it- 5…5…5… (5) No? Alright. An unknown mechanism, the lock is so mysterious, with it’s weird alien symbols. They look like, uh, an S, AN S. AN ASS and a backwards 5; a big CIRCLE; I don’t get it–
There’s a LINE– Weird symbols. – [big explosion of lightning]
– Oh! Ohh! Ohh! Whoa! – [rocks settling]
– My space heaters! Oh no! (spoilers: space heaters die in Infinity War) That’s not good!…I think. Alright, well… Hey, buddy. Keep me warm in this, UH… …in this [stammers] place. (Space Heater: What the hell are you talking about) Am I…? I guess I’ll go bahahahack??!! (weirdly laughs) I guess I’ll go back!
– [Robin grunting in effort clearly doing all the work] Do I?– Oh, I go up here! Okay, that–that makes a lot more sense. Okay. Hello? Hi. I’m gonna die. (Honesty, +1 point) Would anybody like to get my shit? (yes I’ll take your shit) Oh, wow. Ohh… that’s weird. Ugh… It’s beautiful; for being an early access, they’ve really done a good job about this so far. This opening sequence is…quite nice. Well made. Learned some lessons from the last game, I guess, and they made it a little more polished right off the bat, which is nice, and I appreciate that. [Robin grunts in effort] Where am I going exactly? Am I go– Ohh, okay, I’m going back to the base.
[chuckles] Alright, cool! I feel like when they finish this off, it’s– WHAT is– Umm… What the hell?! I feel like there should’ve been a bit more fanfare– Waaah! – [Loud, echoing crash; water splashes]
– Augh! Alright. Okay. [nervous chuckle] I guess I’m going down. [chuckling] I’m yelling “Timber!”–
Ohh, SHIT! I hate it. I hate it. Get me out! GET ME OUT!! Oh God!
I hate it!!! Ugh, I hate–
I HATE IT! I don’t wanna be in the ocean! (poor Markimoo, +1 point) Haah… Alright. I thought there was solid ground there for a second; I just didn’t like being thrust into it all of a sudden. I’m okay with going in the ocean–I want everyone to know that. I am okay with going in the ocean. I just wasn’t ready to go right now. [SFX: wind] Alright, here we go. There’s a reason– [Mark takes a breath in-game and in real life OoOo] Alright. I just don’t like going– I– [PDA: “Your environment is no longer safe, and your PDA has rebooted in emergency mode. Be advised: “high wind speeds will cause lethal exposure in four minutes.”] [Markimoo has a mental breakdown as he spots unhelpful help) [waves] …Oh. Okay. Alright. I just don’t like the idea of going down into undersea caves that I don’t know where they are. (wait what) The original Subnautica, I played it enough that I knew where everything was, but the problem with this game is that I don’t know what’s lurking around the corners. (that’s new games, get used to it) [Markimoo submerges underwater for what wasn’t the first time, and won’t be his last… Hopefully] So the idea of swimming in an undersea cave is just really hard for me; so give me a second. [Mark takes a second] [groans] Okay, um… …PDA… [mumbles] …emergency mode. Okay, cool. Great. Alright. [sniffs out his hope] [sigh] I’m okay. Just… …everyone gimme a second to be a big old– a big bitch. I’ll be fine. That’s pretty. That’s also horrible, because–ugh–it’s like trypophobia. I hate that. Because, you know, you know–
Oh, what is that? Ah, I can’t stay in one spot! What is that? Ah, what is that? Ohh.. “Replenish from…” Did I just suck that in?! Did I suck– Did I just give that a [slurp sound]? Did I suck that?! [laughing] Did I suck oxygen out of that? [Mark unintentionally grosses himself out] Ugh! Ugh! [cries] Okay, alright, good, great. Okay. – [water splashing]
– Ah, this is my nightmare. On the way back from Cincinatti, we drove by one of the deepest lakes…uh… in America. We were driving through, like- Oklahoma. For some reason, in Oklahoma, there’s a really deep lake. And,… …even Amy talking about the idea of swimming in there was really bad for me. So… Oh, my God. Like… It’s my nightmare. Oh, shit, here we go. Oh, my God. Here we are. [lighting, thunder, rain sound]
– Oh, that’s– that’s horrible! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! That’s gonna kill me! I just– I’m a lightning rod in the middle of the ocean! I’m gonna die! – Okay, alright; well–
– [SAM: “Robin, come in.”] – I’m here.
– [ROBIN: “I copy! – [I’m out in open water!”]
– Yeah, I am. [SAM: “Stay where you are. I’m sending a rescue shuttle.”] [ROBIN: “No, I’m okay! I just need shelter.”] [SAM: “Fine…I’m sending you a temporary habitat instead. – [Look up.”] – “[SAM: Thank you, Sam.”]
– I’m looking up. [SAM: “Call me when you get there.”] Ohh. Ohhhhhhh! Like an escape pod! It-It’s like Pubg! They’re gonna make a Battle Royal version of this I’m getting an air drop Hell yeah! I can’t wait to get a rocket launder outta that bad boy Really blow up some Lavie-O-than(o)s Okay Alright Ooo wait are those – oh hang on Uh before I get any- Oh my god ughhhhhh Cause you know they’re gonna have new leviathans in this game You know that they’re gonna have new scary things You knOW THAT THEY’RE GONNA MAKE FROZEN TERRORS FROM THE DEEP I WANT YoU IN MY HAND Give me you! IIIii… I’ve got a bladderfish I feel comfortable cause this feels like – Oohh feels like something I can control Am I swimming? Am I swimming right now? Am I swimming right – wait a minute… Was I swimming? (Yes Mark) Can I not climb up on these? Apparently not… Okay I saw you peengusss! I saw yooou I saw you penguh- alright you can go You can go Goodbye Alright have fun Oooh wooow haiiii Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy How are you? Can I grab you? I – hate – Oh my gAAWWD (zooms in on basically hell on Earth) OH MY GOOOODDDDDDD D D D D THAT’S CUTE BUT YOU’RE HORRIBLE Oh (zooms in again and explains why I hate Subnautica too much) AH!!! You’re the worst Are you cute? You a cute little baby? Why are you walking around on – YOUR DICK? Huuuuh, Beta is a beautiful thing… H-Hey Moon! [Pingu: Hoi Markimoo! Imma come for your ass later!] aaAAAHHH STOP! hello… ooohh hello Ohhh wow Ah that’s beautiful Oh it’s beautiful – heeey it loo- it looks like umm… The- the- th- the wallpaper that… never actually had anything that was in the game in it but now it does because that’s beautiful Oh there it is – okay Okay Alright Okay Ok ok ok (are we done?) Okay (guess not) *le tiny gasp* okaaay Oooooooooookay OkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaay Okayyyyyyyyyy I don’t like those tentacle-looking things okay (You okaaaaaaay bud?) Alright we’re fine (good to hear) Why does this have to be underwater? Why? [PDA: Oxygen] *loud music* DOOOOOOOOooooohh [PDA: New blueprint acquired] I’m home baby! [Robin: “Sam I’m at the habitat] – I’m home… [any word on Jefferys?] [Sam: “Nothing yet…”] [Robin: “And the facility? It said my name! I need to know why.] [Sam: “I know. Make something to eat. Get equipped. I’ll have answers by then.”] (how do you know then?) [Robin: “Will do.”] Make something to eat… by that you mean catch fish and eat ’em? Cause I don’t have anything so…I just I’ll just do one thing- fiber mesh, silicone rubber, glass Uh copper wire, battery- I’m just checking to make sure things are relatively the saaaaaaaaaame Cooked bladderfish… CUUURED bladderfish – always good Standard O2 tank Fins… First Aid Kit Scanner, flashlight, survival knife, air bladder Air bladder? Well that’s new Tu-jusss-stick a- Just duck tape a couple bladderfish together SUCC in and SUCC out at liberal use *SHOOOBABAHHBABHOOOSHABABABAAAHABABABA* It doesn’t hurt the bladderfish in fact they like it You should probably be more concerned that they like it Alright here we go Alright you… Alright you you you yew yew yew yew Yeaaaaaaaaaahaaaeeehhh Ah-right! I got this- is that a Peeper? Oohh it’s a Pooper It’s a FANcy Popper I can’t get you I need a fih- awhaha-? Wait what just ate that? [Bubbly noises from Robin who probably hates Mark by now] uohhh… *Creepy ass music kicks in at the worst fucking time* I hear… Oh! HI I- eeuuhhh *nervous laugh* I ki- I got you! It’s my trap! If I just don’t move they’re never gonna run away from mehehehehe! It’s as simple as thaaat *giggle* No one can ever- how eh – What?! Did I use that from the other side? Okay that’s a hack… alright Either way I’ve got… (a lot of fish) Cold and spongy… great That sounds wonderful I like the sound of that (really?) These are some good eats Let me tell you… alright Get in my belly (no thanks) [Chewing] Yum yum yum Nom nom nom Oooh yeah Okay *elbow to desk* I’m alright *sigh-hy laugh* I’m alright guys (you sure?) {yeah you don’t sound too good hey you over there} I swear (suuure) I just- I just I see shapes… of things in the darkness (I don’t know what reality you’re in, bud) and they look like monsters and I’m not okay with it *nervous laughter* I-I’m just… *sniff* I’m just trying to get my bearing guys I’ll- oh- oh my god It’s sO- PReTtTtTYyY Look at how pretty that is! It’s so pretty! [Mark marvels too much at the sight of a Beta] My god it’s beautiful! I-I hate everything… (But you just sa-) Under it (oh) but it’s beautiful! God! I’m sorry I’m just so Uh! Fuck I just… don’t like it okay *deep breaths* I need to start harvesting things I’m not gonna go in the deep because I don’t want to What is this? Is this a Seaglide? Do I need to scan that-? Okay I probably need a Scanner to get that which means I need- Titanium to be ab- *startled Mark* [SFX: Bubbles!!! Bubbles! Yay!!!!] I tho- I heard Oooohh Eehh I just heard something that I didn’t… know I heard so… by-uuhmm [PDA: Oxygen} Uh let me get this first ya douche ‘Kay copper that’s probably not what I need *gasp* WHAT IS THAT?! Ohhh that’s ice okay *tortured sigh* It’s gonna be like the same… It’s gonna be the same I know it’s gonna be the same… general basic premise of monsters cause it’s the same… It-It’s the same! It is just still the same (as fucking lightning bolts dart through the sky. Mark, don’t say it’s the same, cuz karma’s a bitch) And I know that and I understand that And I’ll bite the head off of this fish (random much) If I have to to survive I would do a lot just to survive So don’t test me (wasn’t planning to) I will MESS YOU UP (ok fine) I don’t know what that is What is this? A ball? Soccer ball? Grav-trap? Ooohhh Grav-trap okay sure yeah I’m in the deep end now I don’t like being in the deep end (you need a floatie?) I doN’T WANNA BE IN THE DEEP END I DON’T WANna be I don’t wanna be in the deep end (Mark is a baby confirmed) I just don’t wanna be- give me you! Eyeye EYEEYE(EYEYEYEYEYE) I need to make an air tank and fins First and foremost they’re- but I need a knife too! Okay I need the basic equipment It’s just gonna be a bit of a challenge for me to get the balls… (Grav. Traps?) to do the basic shit but give me a second… I am trying my best… *s a d c r i* (poor Markimooer) I think I’m getting better cause… now that I’m see- they’re prob- they wouldn’t put [SFX: Rocks breaking] They just wouldn’t put deadly monsters… in the starter area. They don’t- it’s the Safe Shallows (They will) that’s- that’s what it is – it’s the Safe It’s the Safe Shallows (you positive?) That’s just what it is so I would be safe in the Safe Shallows (“Safe Shallows” -Markimoo, March 93, 3467) Now they might… *nods intensively* they might… NOT keep it safe… that is [SFX: Bubbli bubbeleleles] a thing… that they COULD do (you right) They might (you) BUTT (right) they also might NOT (yoo rite) so there’s that (yo rat) [PDA: Oxygen] I’m okay (yat rut) Thank you (y rut) IS THAT AN EYE?! IS THAT AN EYEBALL?!?! [SFX: More Bubbly bubblies!!!] THAT’S AN EYEBALL tha- *disturbed Markimoo* Is that not an eyeball?! Ooohhh noooooo *Mark will look like this for the next 20 seconds* ooohhhh nooooohhhhhhhh *poor Markimoo still terrified by his findings* OooOOohhh noooooo [SFX: More breaking rocks] ooooo *Mark still looks terrified as before* Holy shit his face What is that?! It’s the Hooper! It’s the Hooper! What did y- oh you’re a pengu Ohhh *Sploosh* *Splash* I see Oh my GAWD Are you deadly? Can I swim- AH! AH! AHHHH!!! *Mark dies inside as he realized the fact that the Safe Shallows he once thought were the Safe Shallows were actually the “Deadly Dark” -B.R.P, 10,000. The Deadly Darks were nothing like the Safe Shallows, as the Safe Shallows were far behind him, as the freaky ass monsters followed him until their sight failed them and they returned to be normal creatures in the Deadly Dark as Markimoo found himself quickly swimming back to Safe Shallows where he will stay forever until he has to leave the Safe Shallows to finish the damn game even though it is in early access* Thank you for killing those I think those were deadly they were red which- ah- they remind me of the other fish that were awfully bitey (rude) I will not apologize For being cautious [SFX: Another rock bites the dust!] It is… the only thing that’s gonna keep me alive… in the face of the unknown (oo0Oo) Is being cautious I do N O T [SFX: Bubbles and bubbli bubbeles galore!] like the insinuation that… this is not a dangerous situation (isn’t it safe tho?) because it is (‘kay then) *a w k w a r d s i l e n c e* I just hate the ocean It’s just full of death Like that’s the thing… the ocean is just full of death There’s- there’s death happening right over there when those fish are being eaten by the pengus Th- that’s just death (circle of life bro) That could be me… when there’s something bigger coming along and you KNOW that in this game they’re gonna make it bigger! (Big=Scary) Whooaokay alright hey how you doin’ Hi how you doin’? (good thanks) You’re cute! You’re real cute You guys are cute but I need this Blaaaderfish C’mere you C’meeere sexy c’meeerrre (I sense rejection) O-kay That’s bigger than I remember (oh no) Hah that’s what shE SAID HAAA (*facepalm*) hey Oooh it’s a baby! Still gotta dick.. I don’t not good… Heyllo Hello can I grab you? Oh you all have dicks… Ahhh… (They’re for having the pengu sex) That’s not that’s not that’s NOT That’s not a pengu! Where am I? Where’s my base?! I’m a little to far out from base! Uh uh Nuh uh I’m a little to far out from base I just- I’m gonna go back [SFX: Rock Dying] I- I’ve got what I need so I just need to swing back And um o-or I’ve got enough to get started I probably don’t have everything I need but I got enough to get started And uh- *le gasp* uuuuUUUHHHHH WHAT ARE YOU!? WHAT IS THAT IS THAT A MINI LEVIATHAN?! IT’S HUGE (that’s what she said) I mean i-it’s kinda big! Ugh what are you? Are you bad? Please tell me you’re not bad- are you bad? Are you bad? You’re not bad you’re cuuute Ookay you’re cute okay I thought you were dangerous You’re cute You’re cute okay you’re cute you’re fi- it’s the Safe Shallows What am I crazy? (yes) It’s the Sa- [SFX: Rock Genocide) It’s the Safe Shallows of course it’s the Safe Shallows It’s safe (really?) It’s right in the name! Of course it’s the Safe Shallows! *PSHHHHHHHHHHESSSShhHHHHHH* It’s SAFE (we get it!) There we go… O-Kay Okay! This is going surprisingly well! Let’s keep these guys in the fish tank until I need them Let’s do that I’ve got titanium, I’ve got quartz, I’ve got copper This is going well (shockingly) Basic materials: glass Do I need glass? I don’t need glass Ribbon plant? Where do I get that? Deployables, water-proof locker [SFX: Rumbly Thunder] Why? Okaaaay So I need silicone rubber which I think I need… ooOOh my god it’s gotta dynamic weather system! I think that’s really cool but it’s a- very scary! I don’t like random booms happening and apparently this- the clouds don’t work when you’re underwater Well that’s okay you don’t need ’em Probably just to save loading time Okay so- ah! Kelp Kelp probably… is in a dangerous part (its all danger to you) *breath of fear pt. lost count* *sigh of terror* It’s fine [SFX: Comforting Bubbles] It’s fine *Sploosh* I’m fine It’s fine (is it?) I’m fine This is fine I’m fine (you don’t look fine) This is fine I neeed [SFX: Rock murder] I need like… either kelp or… (speed?!?111) WHAT WAS THAT?! [SFX: Distracting Boobbles *Mark fearing silence* Uhhhh I don’t know what that was but it sounded bad [PDA: Oxygen] I know oxygen! I get it (she’s just trying to help) I get the whole premise! Oh no… Ohh nooo… I forgot that there was night in this game… okay… that’s fine What is that? (More fish) I don’t know I don’t care Um..ther-l-uh (word vomit) In like the caves there’s probably I think I saw little bulbous vine things *big gasp* WHY? WHY?? *scared floating away* *breath of relief?* alright Here, yeah, here. okay I saw these vine (RIP) things. Are these? Okay okay, these are plants that I can pick up Okay they only take one That’s good. Okay so I need to fi- I’ve seen these – I just didn’t know that they were piCkUpaBlE Okay good *swallow* Alright, so it’s night but that’s fine it’s not really any darker than it was before You’re cute :3 You’re less cute at night 🙁 but you’re cute STOP So I just gotta find more caves that *splish splash* – Oh, that looks poopy That’s real poppy! I just gotta find more k- it’s so dark *scared chuckle* eh ehh ehhh, its sooo dark haha ohh my GOD its So dark its so dark my-my I-I forget sometimes that… the whole seaglide had a flashlight built into it it didn’t make it better but it also made it so that I could actually run away from things Which I can’t… now, cuz I…I’m not fast enough I don’t even have fins *nervous laugh* I don’ even have fiiiinnns I don’t even have fiiins *more nervous laughing* I don’t even have fi- I can’t find ooohhh my god I can’t see in front of my face its beautiful,THIS beautiful, it really is beautiful but I can’t see. Well that looks good, I think I need that I don’t know why it’s red and not yellow where it was before Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme gimme GIMME GIMME gimme, okay. Am I full? I’m full. Okay. Let’s just go back. [PDA: New blueprint acquired. Oxygen.] Let’s just go back! That’s all I really need. That’s all I really needed anyway. These blood-red… Whatever have you – I got too far. [PDA: Signal location uploaded to PDA.] What? [Sam: “Robin the boss wants a sitrep”] [Robin: “I’m cold, I lost all my gear, and I’m no wiser to what’s going on [But I’m alive.”] [Sam: “I can’t authorize another drop. Hold on…] [“There’s an emergency cache.”] [“Hasn’t been touched since the scouts landed six months ago.”] [“Could be useful.”] [Robin: “Send me the coords.] [Sam: “On your Hud.”] No. (Well shit you better) No! (Do it you bitch) No! (I said do it) NO! (fucking do it) NO!! (c’mon do it) Noooo!! (aww fuck c’mon) No! (just go fucking do it) Nooo~ (stop being such a puuuuuuussss) No. (Yes.) Nooo~ (god damnit do it) (… please don’t sa-) No! (please do it I’m running out of fingers No! – I dunno but whatever, it doesn’t matter. (god damnit do it jesus christ) Oh, you can eat those. Cold resistance – that’s nice! Okay, let me just see if I can make – Like, an oxygen tank or – Can I – oh, the storage [mumbling] eh, I’m stupid… okay Um… Fiber mesh. Creepvine, silicone rubber – Okay! Silicone rubber is good because I think you need that to make – Theeee knife which you need to cut the vine to get – the other things that you need. Okay, you need fiber mesh and I need silicone rubber, Do I have enough for another? Yes I do! I can at least get fins. So going faster will make me feel a little bit better. I don’t wanna go – there, but – It’s telling me to go there, so go there is what I’ll do. I’m gonna gooo there. I’m gonna assign this to one. I’m gonna go – what did I get the ribbon plants for? I don’t even know. But what ever it doesn’t matter I’m just gonna go there I don’t know why I’d need any of this but I’m gonna go Alright. Here we go (yes dear christ you’re the best) Oh my god *scared giggle* Aaah okay It’s fine its three hundred meters away That’s actually not that FAR So it should be fine It should be fine (you hope) That’s not far enough to go into a different biome In the mean time I’m gonna slice me off somma this [SFX: Slice!] [SFX: DOOOOMM] Yeah how much did that take? Okay two? [PDA: New blueprint acquired] Alright Nuooa that’s gonna spoil I forgot about that (oops) Um I’ll get it on the way back then Okay… Okay [SFX: Bubbles are back for now yay bubblies] Okay Okay (this game again I see) Okay… okay Oh kay OK (ko-kay) Okay (are you done yet?) O-kay (UGH) Okay *GASP* ohKAY OK OKAY OKAY O-KAY OH K (FINALLY HE DONE) *Teeny gasp* Where am I? I can’t see… oooOOOH WHAT IS THAT?! [SFX: Bobbs] Okay it’s fine… I think it’s fine Uuuhhh there’s big holes but that’s fine! Hello? [SFX: DOoududu] High Capacity O2 Tank That’s helpful because I’m about to die [PDA: Officially freaking out] I’m abOUT TO DIE Can I please-? Oh god oh god oh gawd *random noise* AGHHHH [SFX: Bubles!] Okay I’m fine I’m fine (I don’t believe you) *SPLOOSH* *self-assured* Okay Gawd I’m sorry… I’m a big bitch (we forgive you) but I’m getting use to it there’s nothing in here that can hurt me (Well shit if you get hurt then let me say I told you so) So long as I remember that… ooo frick! You’re so big You’re so big! You’re so big and so clear! What-? *break Mark’s courage* AHH AHHH!!! (Told you so bitch) AUUGGGHHHH haha told you so im so smart I told you so heeheehee told you s- *MARK.EXE has stopped working* back to what I was saying, I tol- [SFX: Shank] (poor plant) (I think the fish stole Mark’s voice [SFX: Loud Bubbles bubbling bubbly] you done? So, I told yo- *heavy sigh* (there he is!) Okay so I can make a high capacity oxygen tank now which is great I love that That’s so cool~ I haven’t made a low capacity oxencghgen (nice fumble) tank uh yet But I can make a high… capacity oxygen tank (still actually told you s-) So that’s cool *splorsh* (shut up about telling him so) So I’m gonna do that… *sigh* (fine I’ll stop) Glass, titanium, silver ore- so I don’t even have silver ore So I’m just gonna make the standard one Until I can get silver ore because… I don’t know where to get that right now… [PDA: New blueprint acquired] Pathfinder? *poor fish tries to get an autograph but dies* [Mark visibly is confused] Did a fish just kill itself on my-? Habitat? Screw this not being able to see anything shit because I’m-I’m kinda over that Kinda just a LOT of over that Kay floating air pump That’s interesting I don’t care I’ve never used that before I- I don’t know why I’d need that now I got- I got by with it (um) Without it before (there you go) I don’t think I’m gonna need it now I don’t need a beacon I’ve never done that E V E R. So I don’t even needed that I don’t even need to do that aye Cause it’s just not important Okay is it day? It’s day okay it’s day! It’s daaay (we see the sun Mark) So I’m gonna go back tooo that… At least I’ve have a knife And I’ve got a Scanner I can start… Scanning things (that’s what its for) So that’s cool There we go! Pinnacard (it’s pinnacarid bud) I can scan the Seaglide! Where’d the Seaglide go I can do that! There’s a beacon or grav thing or- Whatever have you, I need another Seaglide fragm- *Mark chokes* mi(e)nt But that’s okay I need two more okay that’s fine Sooo it’s day and I’ve got a flashlight… So I should be able to- yeah shine it in your eye that’s-that’s the way to go about things (gotta see if it works) *gasp* wooo whoa whoa whoa whoa okay you… You yOou you… Okay you’re fine I still don’t know what hurt me I don’t think it was the big thing I think there musta been like a small fish that I didn’t see (yeah everyone saw it old man) That was like the small red guys I think those arrre… Actually… dangerous Maybe not deadly but dangerous – (you saw them earlier what are you talking about) Why is there a nipple poking outta that? I don’t know I don’t care (sure you don’t) Scanning… (that’s what it do) Oookay Wha- *major breath* nooo NNooooo *gasp* NUUOOOOO [PDA: Thirty seconds] NWWOOOOOOOOO NOOOO I can’t. have. more. under-grOUND tunnels! In my LIFE (too bad bud) Please tell me this has silver (I hope it doesn’t and you die down there) Or something like that Silver outcrop? [SFX: K.O rock] Oh I guess it-ju doesn’t have silver in it (yeas) Oddly enough whoda thunk? Silver outcrop. No silver (wow so smart) I woulda thought but apparently no apparently big no on that one uuUOh-kay (damn you lived) I like quartz (it likes you too, pal) Quartz quartz quartz (not that much) I like quartz~ sALT Salt – don’t have salt! (salt salt salt) Salts good baby -! oooo that’s a thing (salty salt salt) Okay that’s a thi- that’s-it’s tiny (sallltttt salty saaaaaalllllllltttt) I can probably kill it with my knife (sa- holy shit no) I could probably fight you why am I scared of you? (No mark don’t do it) I- fff I could fight you easily (please don’t) Go away (fite me mate) Now let me just go for this… I don’t know what I missed out on… But apparently I missed out on somethin’ Hellloo? *thunder rollin’* I made it here Is there anything? Oooo what is that? Precursor technology? Okay Uuuwhoooaa UUUuuuuuhhhh [PDA: Thirty seconds] HUUuu uuuuuuuhhhhh (this is where it’ll end won’t it) Alright let me go break these *le gasp* Nothing in there Nothing in there nothing in here nothing NOthing (oh shit that looks and smells like shit) * suddenly whisper* WHHyyyy is this a thing? (oh wait that’s me) I don’t need GOLD [SFX: More Rock Murder] I need silver! (We know) ooOOO I’m gonna die I’m gonna die! Ima die! Ima die! (yeas the moment I’ve been waiting for) IIII’M GONna die! [PDA: Oxygen] Ima gon die! I’MMM GONNA DIE! (swim you fool!) IIII AM A IDIOT (we knew that one) ANd I’m gonna die I’m gonna die Ima die? Ima die. I mo die A mo die I’m not dead (shi-) Okay I’m fine (*rolls eyes to infinity*) *Heavy sigh* (you and me both pal) Ookay Ok I just need some silver [SFX: Rock go bye bye] There we gooo [SFX: Bye bye rock] That’s what I’m talkin’ about babyyyy That is what I am referring to This is what I am talking about! [SFX: Blub blub] This is exactly what I didn’t wan to- Bloodroot? bloodrOOT?! BLOodroot? Grooosss… Auuhhhhh Ooohhh nooo I hate it Oh I hate it Oooh where am I? Generic bowlll *giggle* Ah Generic Bowl (didn’t know they existed) Of course of course of course I sh- I should have known I should have recognized it From it’s… obvious… Distinct Features… Verry gereric if ever there was genericisum The good news is… *SplORSH* I think I was just being an asshole (no surprise) and scaring myself (again no surprise) And that’s good news because that means that there aren’t – Titanhooole fish (sounds sexual) Oh yeah there are hole fish -! ( I wanna lick it) Eeuuhh (looks like a donut) Hey hEY HEY back off! I’m not scared of you anymore! (are you? Let’s test it) *Carnage* Did you jus- get killed? Were you just killed? (yes) Gimme my oxyg- I SUCCd it right out of you! (why’d you do that I wanted it) I SUCCd you dry! (damn I wanted to do that) I sucked and now you’re gonna Now you’re gonna drooown you stupid fish (I think it already did) (Can fish drown?) Yeah I’m the superior creature because I… (maybe… Either that or I’m an idiot.) Don’t do THat! [SFX: cue dramatic music] Uuughhh [PDA: New blueprint acquired] Eeeageaaa This is good I-I think I ge- I-I go through weird moods in this game where I get (hm?) I like- get (hmmm?) Scared… (more often than not) For obvious reasons because this game is terrifying (when wasn’t it?) But also like- I get over it (w/ Bennett Foddy) And then I realize its really pretty They HAPPEN to coincidentally coincide With… the day night cycle It’s usually my wonder… terrified [PDA: Thirty seconds] Feelings… about this game Umm eh- that’s not my fault that’s just a factor of how the game ISss… Soooo… Like – it’s not my fault is what I’m saying Hey! Gimme your- I’m gonna SUCC yoouuuaaagh Gimme a straw baby yeeeaahh (damn I wanted that) I will readily admit… This is beautiful Like… *SPLOooSh* What’s great about them making a-an expansion game or a-ah like a sequel whatever you wanna call this a successor game Is they’ve already learned all of their mistakes They’ve already had all their polish (nice for them) They’ve already got Like all the base level game figured out from… before… Whaaat is thaaaat? *scared breath* What is that? What is tha- oh that’s a- that’s a oxygen sucker! I can slurp oxygen right outta that! (ew your descriptions are weird) Oh WHaa I DON’T KNOW WHERE I AM I DON’T KNOW WHERE I AM!! I DON’T KNOW WHERE I AM I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE BOOM WAS ABOUT *thump* Heh? Oh kay [SFX: Creation of Rock Dust] [PDA: Thirty seconds] Think I’m fine I need to find another uhhh… Glider part… Oh! There we go! And I think that’s the last one Okay Bada bing bada boom! That means I can myse-oh there’s another one there *phhht* I guess they were all around the base Ohh yeah I shoulda realized that they were actually just… kinda surrounding me (wow that was useless) They made it really convenient and I didn’t actually do enough and that’s not sitting on the ground there but that’s okay I’m no- I’m gonna forgive that (who needs gravity) HOoh kay! OK good This is good! This is- Shockingly it’s good! I think Uumm yeah I think it’s… Going well Ummm (the sound of uncertainty) Soooo… What I can make now is the high capacity… tank! Bada bing bada boom And that is nice that the ah- oxygen tank doesn’t take up space like that Real nice about that- oookay good! Ninty se- A hundred an- that’s great! Okay! That’s good! That’s really good! Wiring kit, that’s probably important Ummm for what I don’t know Uuuh I guess I can make Uumm nothing I can make a whole lotta nothing Seaglide! I need luube! Do I have enough for lube? Yes! I can make lube I can make lube! (you’re waaay to excited) See the things is- like- now I’m fine Now I’m fine It just takes me a little bit to get used to the unknown Like that’s all I’m afraid of is the fear of the unknown That’s it (I’m skeptical) Like it’s not… it’s not that I’m afraid of like It’s not like ima just to much of a bitch baby (liar) it’s that- that like I don’t know what’s out there ( I don’t care, liar) And I still don’t Sooo like- it’s gonna be like this the farther out I go but Once I get the whole game under my belt Then I’m not gonna be scared anymore! (complete liar) [PDA: Seek fluid intake] Alright! Drink my own piss! (ew) I can’t do that yet I can’t do that anymore I don’t have the piss suit (wait what is the suit yellow) So I don’t have the piss suit so I can’t drink my own piss Hhaahhhh alright (you sound disappointed) But it’s fine becasue I can make a battery And if I make a battery… then… I can make… the Seaglide. And I’m gonna need a lotta batteries to keep the Seaglide going I bet I bet But I have MYself a Seaglide! which means! Oooohh yeaaahh (Koolaid man in da house) I can run away (YES) like a big bitch babyyy (knew you were lying) YES! Okay so this is as good a place to end it as any Thank you everybody so much for watching (not don’t end it) I’m just gonna look out the window at the safety of my own thing It’s night and that sucks But thank you everybody so much for watching (see ya next time, Markimoo) Subnautica is back! Which means that we’ve got a whole world to explore… *panic, agony, fear runs through Mark’s mind* And I’m gonna do it Is the thing… I’m gonna do it and it’s gonna be great and I’m really happy about it and I’m gonna do it So thank you everybody so much for watching And as always… I will see you In the next video BUH BYEEEE!!! (bye!) {Bye, and check the description!} *Ending Theme cranks up*