T-SHIRT TALKS | A Discourse On Fashion, Style, and Identity (Promo)

shopping is hard it’s so hard sometimes
to like love your body when you’re like trying all these things on that just
like don’t fit and I looked at the wall and there was just this seagull t-shirt there and we were there to buy jeans and I was like I want to try that shirt on
my mom was like that’ll never work with your style that’ll never work and I was
like I’ll make it work I don’t wear that much makeup unless I’m going to a meeting or anything like that but there was definitely a period when I was
like caking on the makeup a balance between having something to eat for the day and also buying like a really cool t-shirt sexy but not sexual and I dress up
really funky but not stupid this is old lady she stops me for a
second she’s like spiritual gangster what does that mean? And I said like
what do you think it means I really liked hand-me-downs though it
was it was like free presents when I was little I really liked my puffy pants like fuzzy pants it’s really sexist and sometimes it happens that a girl gets raped and they say it’s because of her clothes if she was wearing something
really short she asked for it I noticed like a difference like when you’re not feeling yourself and loving yourself like people do notice that wait do I care about what people think about me? Yeah… yeah I care about what people
think about me it does affect how one feels whatever you put on whatever if it’s a favorite jacket or a favorite pair of shoes it does make you feel good if it’s
something that you love