Gastric mucosal barrier|Peptic ulcer pathophysiology,causes & treatment |Physiology |Pharmacology

We have seen this diagram of mechanism of HCL secretion and another one on regulation of secretion of acid in another video but it Hcll is an acid and gastric mucosa are needs to be protective of its harmful effect. So what are these mechanism? So here this diagram is showing these glands which are […]

Cultural Studies: Language, Discourse, Method, Methodology, and Circuit of Cultural. NET English

As you know that all cultural forms are directly linked to the Institutions, the market, the consumer, and regulatory bodies, it is believed that no work, no cultural artefact can be studied in isolation or in the aesthetic realm, for example, a novel must not be read only in its generic conventions, as a piece […]

How To Detoxify Your Body : High Fiber Diets Tips for Body Detox & Healthy Colons

This is Karen Fraser and I am doing a demonstration for Expert Village. Once again, every single thing in nature has fiber; fruits, vegetables. You want to add these things to your system every single day. What I like to do is with every meal that I have, I try to include some kind of […]