Kalapa Clinic: la primera clínica especializada en tratamientos con cannabinoides

According to studies of WHO in 2016 14% of the European population will have chronic pain 15 people out of 1000 will be diagnosed with epilepsy and 36% of the population will have any type of cancer. Currently cannabinoids are an alternative treatment for these pathologies but, due to the lack of information the lack […]

What can newly diagnosed myeloma patients expect in regard to treatment in 2020?

This weeks’ “Ask Dr. Durie” comes from a lady who was diagnosed about seven or eight months ago and has been looking at all of the great news about new treatments for myeloma and wondering what her personal expectations should be with her treatment. When she was diagnosed, she received initial treatment with the combination […]

Aplicaciones terapéuticas del cannabis por el Dr. Manuel Guzmán (parte1)

this is a production of mindalia television and mindalia radio non-profit audiovisuals from mindalia.com to contribute knowledge and create awareness mindalia.com the first social network of altruistic help through thought when I entered that world I will present a bit of the problem of marijuana from the point of view of the sweet revolution to […]

Scientists May Have Found a Way to Treat All Cancers… By Accident | SciShow News

Thanks to Brilliant for supporting this episode of SciShow. Go to Brilliant.orgSciShow to learn how you can give the gift of learning to someone you love! [ intro ] People often wonder why there isn’t a cure for cancer yet. And the answer is usually because “cancer” isn’t one thing. It’s this big umbrella term […]