How to Make a First Aid Kit : Towellettes used in First Aid Kits

And, the next item that I think should be important in a kit is, of course, the toilettes, and the medicated pads. Sometimes it says alcohol pads but deffinately anything that can sterilize a wound, kill off all the bacteria and germs before you apply the ointments, the antiseptic ointments, or the bandage. And in […]

First Aid Basics : Basic First Aid: Using Rubber Gloves to Treat a Patient

Hi my name is Amy, and we are discussing protecting yourself from providing care to someone who may be bleeding severely and protecting yourself from bodily fluids. You want to treat all blood and body fluids as if they are infected even if you know the individual you are providing care for who may be […]

First Aid Kits and Tips : Treating a Hangnail: First Aid for Minor Injuries

Hi! I’m Tracey Cullers on behalf of In this segment, I’ll show you how to take care of a hangnail. Now a hangnail can seem like a pretty simple thing, but if it becomes red, inflamed and pussy then it quickly becomes more serious. Before it gets to that point, what you want to […]

1. Round Up Those Medications! (Medication Management BASICS Video Series) (English)

(Music) If your family member or friend’s medications are all over the place and in places they shouldn’t be, then you need to manage the situation. But where do you begin? First, in your family member or friend’s home, check cabinets, drawers, and tables in every room to find all the medicines you can. And […]

Updated TB Testing and Treatment Recommendations for Health Care Personnel

Updated Tuberculosis Screening, Testing, and Treatment recommendations for Health Care personnel. On May 17th, 2019 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association updated recommendations for tuberculosis (or TB) screening, testing, and treatment for health care personnel in the United States. These recommendations should be used for people who work […]

First Aid Kits and Tips : Using Adhesive Wound Closures: First Aid for Minor Injuries

Hi! I’m Tracey Cullers on behalf of In this segment, I’ll show you how to use adhesive wound closures on a small superficial wound that has jagged edges. If you look here, there’s a little bit of problems with the edges not getting close enough. This could create an ugly scar. We’re going to […]

4. Create a Medications List (Medication Management BASICS Video Series) (English)

(Music) An important part of managing your family member or friend’s health care is creating a comprehensive list of medications. This list should show what the medications are for, and when they should be taken. But beyond that, the list should reflect the latest information you’ve received from your family member or friend’s doctor and/or […]