How To Remember To Take Your Medication – Use Physician Recommended Hour Bands

Hello I’m Valerie Coronado PharmD. Recently I came across a new product that is already helping many of my patients. The Hour Band and the best part is it’s simple it’s easy to use and it’s inexpensive. I’m very excited to recommend the Hour Band. Because it is so simple and is such a unique […]

Transitional Care Management for Consultant Pharmacists [2018]

What is transitional care management and how can a pharmacist bill for it? Find out next! Hi I’m Blair Thielemier and I work with pharmacists who want to build and grow their advanced clinical pharmacy services. Today I’m going to be talking about transitional care management. First thing I want to talk about with transitional […]

Pharmacists are the pioneering minds at the heart of health care

Pharmacists focus on research… on data… on kids… on safe medication use and most importantly, on patient care. In fact a pharmacy career often happens outside of a pharmacy using science and math to improve care and help people live healthier lives. Join the pioneering minds at the heart of health care at UW-Madison School […]