Keeping democracy alive: Whistleblowing, civil disobedience, and discourse | Allison Stanger

It’s really important to realize, whistleblowing is in America’s DNA. It has been a concept since before the Constitution itself was ratified. The first whistleblower protection law in the United States was passed in 1778 during wartime. It is used to bring down the first commodore of the United States Navy, Esek Hopkins. Hopkins was […]

TEDxOttawa – Natasha Kyssa – Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Transcriber: Robert Tucker Reviewer: Valeria Lacovara 25 years, exactly half my life ago, I looked a very different world. It had its exciting moments: jet-setting around the world; globetrotting between Tokyo and New York City, London, Munich and so on; working on location in exotic, faraway lands, and getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to […]

Lesson 17: Don Quijote’s discourse on arms and letters

Let’s continue! Chapter thirty-eight gives us the second half of DQ’s discourse on arms and letters. What kind of author divides a didactic speech between two different chapters? Cervantes. This time DQ focuses on the soldier’s life, although we notice another paradox in the fact that he proceeds as would a student educated in the […]

Scientists May Have Found a Way to Treat All Cancers… By Accident | SciShow News

Thanks to Brilliant for supporting this episode of SciShow. Go to Brilliant.orgSciShow to learn how you can give the gift of learning to someone you love! [ intro ] People often wonder why there isn’t a cure for cancer yet. And the answer is usually because “cancer” isn’t one thing. It’s this big umbrella term […]