Handling RVing and Overlanding Medical Emergencies – Life Saving Tips and Gear

Hello we are Ben and Rebecca of His and Hers Vlogs…Full-time travelers in a 4×4 Expedition Vehicle but at this time we are resting up at our home base in Seward, Alaska…I hope you’re having a great day! There are things that we take very seriously in our household and this is a very serious […]

If Your Baby has a Dislocated Joint – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

Dislocations happen when the bone slips out of its usual position. Injuries of this type include a pulled elbow. This can happen if an arm is pulled with too much force when pulling your baby up by the hands or pulling an arm through a sleeve while dressing. If your baby has a dislocated joint […]

Snake Bites: Precautions and Treatment | Emergency Physician – Dr. Khaja Shafiuddin

what if a snake bites what is the first step everybody should do what are the consequences of it what is the treatment for that to discuss Dr. Khaja Shafiuddin with us hello Doctor hello Doctor could you say what everybody should do firstly I just wanted to tell you that not all snake mites […]