Snake Bites: Precautions and Treatment | Emergency Physician – Dr. Khaja Shafiuddin

what if a snake bites what is the first step everybody should do what are the consequences of it what is the treatment for that to discuss Dr. Khaja Shafiuddin with us hello Doctor hello Doctor could you say what everybody should do firstly I just wanted to tell you that not all snake mites […]

Hurricanes – Most Needed Emergency Supplies Survival Prepping

hurricane emergency kit most needed emergency supplies hurricane survival tips hurricane survival kit hurricane disaster emergency survival list hi it’s AlaskaGranny hurricane season is upon us it doesn’t matter whether you live in hurricane country or not this list of supplies is good for any emergency situation we can all learn about preparedness from those […]

How To Signal With A Whistle- Prepping Emergency Survival Must Have Skill

how to signal with a whistle how to signal S-O-S emergency signals survival skills signal whistle codes signal for help Bug Out Bag Must have survival gear Life Bivy bivvy emergency sleeping bag hi it’s AlaskaGranny any time you head outdoors for any kind of activity whether you’re hiking camping or fishing make sure you […]