Seizure First Aid

A seizure happens when a brief, strong surge of electrical activity affects part or all of the brain. This electrical activity can show up in many different ways, from full-body convulsive seizures to seizures that only affect one part of the body. These may look like small, repetitive movements or even like someone is staring […]

كامل بدوي-الإسعافات الأولية الخاصة بلدغات الثعابينWorld of Snakes – First Aid for Snakes Bites 149

welcome We’ll talk about first aids related to snakes Before that , I want to share a story People on journey ,sure they were joyful Suddenly, one of them said that he was bitten by a snake One of them who had some knowledge Laid the patient immediately He got the drawstring and tied the […]

First aid treatment for snakebites – use of Pressure Bandages with Immobilisation

my name is Chris Peberdy and I’m a Darwin based professional snake catcher. Often I get asked what you can do to prevent snakebite. There are three main things. One, don’t touch or handle snakes Two, use a torch when moving around at night and three, wear protective clothing; boots, long pants, long sleeves, and […]

Psychological First Aid Training: From self-care to helping others

A couple of years ago, they would have been told to suck it up or you’re not even wearing a sling, what’s your problem and so Psychological First Aid has really enabled that community to holistically support their members and make it okay to talk about mental health. Hi there. I’m Don Marentette, Director of […]