How to Make a First Aid Kit : Matches, Cotton Balls & Flashlight in the First Aid Kit

And, if you go camping or on long trips, sometimes you’re in a situation where you need fire. And matches, matches are very good, or is also good when you’re in the dark and you got candles and you want to light the candles, so matches are good. It’s very handy to always keep a […]

First Aid Kits and Tips : Reducing Black Eye Swelling: First Aid for Minor Injuries

Hi! I’m Tracey Cullers on behalf of In this segment, I’m going to show you how to get the bruising down from a black eye. First of all, grab a can of cold soda and hold it against the cheek and the forehead so it is not touching the eyelid. That way you will […]

[ LXHC75 ] – ( Premium Gun Range Trauma & Bleeding First Aid Kit) – LXWS Episode 24

– All right, HC75 crash test on three, two… – Ow! God! Ow, ow, ow. – You all right, buddy? Ow! God! (grunting) – Stupid case. Ow! – All right, you ready, Cody? HC75 drop test number two on three… – Argh! – Sorry, buddy. – Ow! Oh, that really hurt. Ow, ow! Welcome to […]

First Aid Kits and Tips : Stopping a Nose Bleed: First Aid for Minor Injuries

Hi! I’m Tracey Cullers on behalf of In this segment, I’ll show you how to stop a nosebleed. First, put gloves on so that you do not get any body fluids on your hands. Next, reassure the person who is injured and try to keep them calm so that their blood pressure does not […]

How to Treat Heatstroke

How to Treat Heatstroke. Heatstroke occurs when the body is unable to cool itself. Knowing first-aid techniques to treat this dangerous condition could save a life. You will need Cool area Cool water, cool bath, or damp sheets Drinking water Thermometer Fan (optional) and sports drinks (optional). Consult a physician for care and treatment advice […]