VA. In silico Therapeutics for Neurogenic Hypertension and Vasovagal Syncope

Neurogenic hypertension is characterized by an increased level of sympathetic nervous activity. Recently, due to its potential causal role in the genesis of neurogenic hypertension, an emphasis was put on the role of oxidative stress in brain stem structures, Ang 1-7-MAS receptor-NO mechanism thus representes a good choice for investigation of neurogenic hypertension therapeutic candidate. […]

World Cerebral Palsy Day Awards 2017 – Medical Therapeutic

World Cerebral Palsy Day Awards 2017 The major award for Medical-Therapeutic goes to the Bangladesh Cerebral Palsy Register a project by Cerebral Palsy Alliance University of Sydney, Australia and CSF Global, Bangladesh The rate of CP is almost 5-10 times higher in underprivileged parts of the world The Bangladesh Cerebral Palsy Register, or BCPR was […]

Dr Aoife O Sullivan, GP, talks about how Bibliotherapy can help

-: Bibliotherapy means reading as a healing activity. It means using books for self-help, for self-learning, and for information. When you’re going through tough times, it can be useful to find good books that are out there and that can help with any physical or mental illness, including eating disorders. On the HSE website, we […]

The Discourse – Project Discovery Exoplanets Goes Live

The CONCORD Deep Space Research Division began its exoplanet identification endeavour under the ‘Project Discovery’ brand yesterday, after extensive discussions with the Sisters of EVE following their venture with Drifter tissue samples. The exoplanets project employs data from telescopes focused on stars beyond New Eden, allowing contributors to analyze changes in the luminosity or brightness […]