Intro to Drinking Water Treatment | DelftX on edX | Course About Video

SPEAKER 1: The Netherlands, sometimes better known as Holland, where the Dutch live, work and study. Holland, a country with many rivers and lakes, which obviously means a lot of water. Water for transport, water for sailing. The Dutch are very familiar with water. Naturally, water is also needed worldwide for drinking. Preferably, healthy water. […]

Drug-Free ADHD Treatment Options : ADHD Medication Considerations

Hi, we’re going to talk today about managing your Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder without the use of drugs. And we’re going to assume that you’ve been diagnosed by a proper physician with having, as having ADHD. And that you are currently under treatment by this doctor for ADHD or any other conditions you may have. […]

“World of Warcraft” Basics : The First Aid Profession in “World of Warcraft”

In this clip, we’re going to talk about professions, specifically, first aid. There are ten primary professions, and there are three secondary skills. In this case, first aid allows you to bandage yourself. It’s fairly simple process what you do is you gather cloth from different places, often times from killing monsters, or you can […]

How to Travel with your Dog : Learn About a Traveling First-Aid Kit for Dogs

Hi! This is Elise McMahon for Expert Village and in this video series we’re talking about how to travel with your dog. If you would like to find out more about my services you can visit my website at So we’re talking a little bit about first aid kits. It’s a really good idea […]