Kelly Weeps Over A Cancer Patient Skipping Treatment To Search For A Missing Boy And His Dog

– So earlier this week I dedicated an entire hour to my Good Neighbor campaign. (upbeat music) ♪ Good, good, so good. ♪ ♪ Good neighbor. ♪ – There’s a reason this campaign is important to me. It’s not just about talking to strangers or being polite, it’s about showing up when your community needs […]

No Halloween Candy for Noah and Hope? Batman Trick or Treat | SuperHeroKids

– [Narrator] This is a paid advertisement for Fisher-Price. – (cackling, gasps) (sirens) – (deep voice) I’m Batman. – You’ll never catch me, Batman. – I won’t but this will! – (gasps) Oh no! (engine rumbling) – Initiating Battle Rogue’s information. Boom! – [Hope] Oh no it’s the Imaginext Transforming Batmobile. I’m doomed! (groans) – […]

Therapeutic Meltdown Personal Testimony Food For Thought #1967 😍😛 Live Streaming On Demand

hello guys hello hello good morning hello friends family and internet i’m thrilled to pieces you have chosen to hang out and explore the universe at home with me today and so we are doing food for thought today we are having a food for thought yes me and my messy hair my messy hair […]

CRAZY WIFE PRANK GONE WRONG | Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gameplay

[Brett]: PLAY THIS [Luke]: Come on Dave [Dave]: I don’t want to [Brett]: We have passed the parcel this way [Brett]: We have passed the parcel this way [Dave]: I don’t want to! [Brett]: That is unfortunate! [Brett]: You absolute pusslord! [Dave]: Get here you cunt! [Brett]: Right, so in terms of noise.. [DOOR BELL] […]

a Q and A

Gabe the dog died last Friday, the day Trump was inaugurated into office. So that’s two things to be sad about. There has been one time in my life that I cried about something on a screen. It was a GIF of a dog being reunited with her puppies. And I don’t know what came […]