[Funny] Poland – Coronavirus – Communism – Iron Curtain – Treatment – Polish vodka

Polish Film Chronicle Attention, attention! All Citizens of the People’s Polish Republic [PRL] ! In our country there’s a new threat! Coronavirus pandemia is near! Western, corrupt world-powers are startled! We are not scared! Naming of the disease isn’t random…. “The Crown” is a symbol of bourgeoisie monarchy! Comrade! Keep calm! Medicine is on the […]

Kool Aid Killer

[dramatic music playing] -(reporter) The carnage continues today as yet another body was found. This will be the tenth victim of the mysterious Kool-Aid Killer. -(announcer) For years, he’s waited in the shadows, forgotten. -There’s a madman loose and he’s killing people. -This is his calling card. -He feels forgotten and he’s sending a message […]

Dinosaur Halloween Party Goes Wrong! Spooky Trick or Treat at T-Rex Ranch With Dinosaurs For Kids

– Ah, Skeleton! – That’s a pretty nice costume you got there. – Oh, well thank you. – What? You’re the Dinomaster! Run! Let me in Park Ranger Aaron! – The Dinomaster! – [Aaron] He’s right there! – [OB] Yeah! – Wait a minute! I think that’s the bin with the blasters. (zapping) – All […]