Euphorbia Hirta: Do You Know This Herbs? Rare Opportunity To Meet! / Medicinal Plants / Indian Herbs

Hi guys! Welcome to my channel! i’m looking for a plant. It’s euphorbia hirta Euphorbia hirta is a strange, hairy herbaceous plant that is often found growing on the roadsides in tropical parts of the world. Considered to be native to India, this herb has now become a pantropical species, which makes it very easy […]

Mayo Clinic Health System: “Special Delivery – Madelyn’s Story”

– He said, right away, “You’re kidding”. And I said, “No, I’m positive my water just broke”. – [Female Narrator] Lizzie Stoltz was definitely not kidding the afternoon she called her husband Shaun at work on Sunday, June 30th, 2019. What had been a normal pregnancy up until now had suddenly changed. Just two days […]