Eating Disorders: Why is it so Hard to Treat Them? | Ilona Kajokiene | TEDxVilnius

Translator: Galina Mitricheva Reviewer: Denise RQ Most of us like food and enjoy eating as a very pleasurable experience. But sometimes, this relationship with the food becomes an anxiety-provoking one. I would like to go deeper. And I will start from my personal memories. It happened in 1994, my very first day working as a […]

Pharmacist Career Information : Pharmacist’s Funniest Day

My name is Kate James. I’m a Compounding Pharmacist in Eugene Oregon at Broadway Apothecary. And my happiest and proudest day as a pharmacist came today when we received a national certification for compounding pharmacy. The PCAB or Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board just called us letting us know that after a year of writing procedures […]

First Tuesdays: Safety in Numbers–Helping People with Health Numeracy Challenges

I wanted to welcome you all to the Washington State library’s first Tuesday webinar. It’s a monthly webinar we hold on, guess what, the first Tuesday of the month. um So if this is new to you you should check back and see what else we offer. Let me go through our slide. I am […]