What happens during a heart attack? – Krishna Sudhir

Approximately 7 million people around the world die from heart attacks every year, and cardiovascular disease, which causes heart attacks and other problems like strokes, is the world’s leading killer. So what causes a heart attack? Like all muscles, the heart needs oxygen, and during a heart attack, it can’t get enough. Fatty deposits, or […]

How can the symptoms of atrial fibrillation be managed with medications?

When I discuss management of atrial fibrillation with patients I really try to educate them that there are two independent issues we need to address. The first and arguably the most important is the inherent thrombobolic, or stroke risk, associated with the condition. Roughly 20-25% of all strokes in America are likely caused by atrial […]

Effient is a Prescription Medication used to Lower the Chance of Heart Attack

Effient is a prescription medication used to lower the chance of heart attack, stroke, or death in people who have had a heart attack or severe chest pain and have been treated with angioplasty which is a procedure to unblock an artery. Effient belongs to a group of drugs called antiplatelet agents. These help prevent […]

Cor pulmonale – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

Learning medicine is hard work! Osmosis makes it easy. It takes your lectures and notes to create a personalized study plan with exclusive videos, practice questions and flashcards, and so much more. Try it free today! With cor pulmonale, cor is Latin for heart and pulmonale is Latin for lungs. Cor pulmonale, then, is a […]

Overview – Brilinta a Prescription Medication Used to Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes

Brilinta is a prescription medication used to prevent heart attacks and strokes in adults. Brilinta belongs to a group of drugs called antiplatelet medications, which help prevent platelets from forming clots that could lead to heart attacks and strokes. This medication comes in tablet form and is usually taken twice a day, with or without […]