This Special Ed Teacher’s Real-World Lessons will Inspire You | Class Act

Noah : My name is Noah. I give coffee to teachers. Cha Ching!! *laughing* Sadie: As a special ed teacher you have on average kids in three different grade levels and within those grade levels depending on what students you have you are planning for each of those students. “You are each going to have […]

3 Baffling Depression Treatments and Why They Might Work

[ ♪ INTRO ] As many as one-fifth of people experience depression at some point in their lives. Thankfully, for most, antidepressants and psychotherapy can reduce symptoms dramatically. But they don’t work for everyone. So doctors and scientists have been looking for ways to help people with treatment-resistant depression. And they seem to have found […]

New Cystic Fibrosis Treatment a “Game-Changer” | SciShow News

{♫Intro♫} 30 years and two months ago—on September 8, 1989—researchers published three papers describing the gene responsible for cystic fibrosis. It was a huge breakthrough, and one they hoped would lead to a reliable treatment in no time. Well, it wasn’t “no time”, but the discovery has finally led to a drug that dramatically improves […]

Intro to Drinking Water Treatment | DelftX on edX | Course About Video

SPEAKER 1: The Netherlands, sometimes better known as Holland, where the Dutch live, work and study. Holland, a country with many rivers and lakes, which obviously means a lot of water. Water for transport, water for sailing. The Dutch are very familiar with water. Naturally, water is also needed worldwide for drinking. Preferably, healthy water. […]

Ming-Chih Kao, PhD, MD on Medications & Back Pain

Earned his doctoral degree in computational biology and biostatistics at Harvard University. After graduate school, he continued to research at NIH and earned an MD at the University of Michigan. He has an unusual experience as a primary care physician in San Francisco. There, the complexities of chronic pain, its diagnosis, and its management led […]