5 Rules for Civil Discourse EXPLAINED • How to Host an Open Forum or Public Conversation

How’s it going everyone? I’m Nick and you are listening to the Fresh Perspective Podcast. In today’s episode, it will be my pleasure to explain our five rules of civil discourse! You may ask, “How can we have strong-willed people from the political right and the political left, the religious, spiritual, atheists, and all kinds […]

THE FREE SOUL Vivekananda Complete Works Volume 3 Lectures and Discourses

Complete works of Swami Vivekananda. Volume 3 Lectures and Discourses THE FREE SOUL (Delivered in New York, 1896) The analysis of the Sânkhyas stops with the duality of existence — Nature and souls. There are an infinite number of souls, which, being simple, cannot die, and must therefore be separate from Nature. Nature in itself […]

The Vedanta Philosophy Vivekananda Lectures and Discourses

Complete works of Swami Vevekananda. Volume 1. Lectures and Discourses. The Vedanta Philosophy. The Vedanta philosophy, as it is generally called at the present day, really comprises all the various sects that now exist in India. Thus there have been various interpretations, and to my mind they have been progressive, beginning with the dualistic or […]

Therapeutic Personal Testimony Third Eye Opening Original Chat #1966 😍😜😛 Live Streaming On Demand

ok now i can meet okay i didn’t have my audio or video we could flirt hello friends family internet i’m thrilled to pieces you have chosen to hang out and explore the universe at home with me today and so I have an announcement I have an announcement I’ve changed the description on my […]