Updated Skincare Routine for Dry, Sensitive & Oily Skin Types | Clear Skin Routine

Not good for hippopotamuses. No 😀 hahaha Hey guys, welcome back! It’s Rowena. It’s Felicia. And today we want to share with you guys our current favorites, because we haven’t done this in a while. Yeah. And because our skincare routine chops and changes with the seasons. And now that it’s getting really hot and […]

Affordable & Drugstore Skincare Products Under $20 To Add to Your Daily Routine

What is your definition of beauty, Fel? *cricket sounds* Hehe, put you on the spot. Hey guys, welcome back, it’s Rowena. It’s Felicia. So we’ve made many videos on skincare products like reviews of the most hyped brands, reviews of affordable dupes. Well, we get a lot of messages asking if there were more affordable […]

Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation Shade 100 | Wear Test & Review | Cruelty Free & Vegan

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I’m gonna be doing a wear test with the new Fenty foundation in the shade 100. I wanted to show you how the foundation swatches against my neck. I normally am wearing a lower cut shirt ’cause I like to match my neck and my chest. You can see the […]

HOLY GRAIL Products to Prevent Breakouts on Acne-Prone & Oily Skin Types

[Music] hey guys welcome back it’s Darlena it’s Felicia today we’re bringing you guys a Felicia’s favorites for oily acne and sensitive prone skin yes because we know a lot of you guys also suffer with acne and breakouts and is one of those problems that growing up it’s kind of inevitable that you get […]