Remi Kanazi backs Ilhan Omar, calling for ‘open and honest discourse’

Remi Kanazi, you’ve been tweeting nonstop about this debate unfolding on the floor of the House, a debate amongst Democrats, the more progressive, younger Democrats taking on the leadership of the Democratic Party and the House of Representatives and clearly having a major effect. What was most significant to you about this week? Sure. I […]

The Danger of Allowing Status Quo Media to Dominate Our Discourse

One of the primary goals of this channel is to put maximum power in the people’s hands. What happens with hierarchical institutions is there’s a disproportionate amount of aggressive, nasty, sociopathic people that reach positions of power. And there’re polluting the public discourse. People that dominate the public discourse have a distorted view of reality […]

More Koreans embracing nature and its therapeutic effects

Koreans are starting to truly embrace the country’s natural environment. More than just as a way to spend their weekends away from the concrete jungle. Kim Jung-soo shows how people are turning to nature to recharge and heal the mind and body. “Korea’s rapid modernization gave some people the feeling that the forest, and even […]

Israel’s Land Injustice Perpetuated by a Racist Discourse

SHIR HEVER: Land allocation to municipalities and regional councils in Israel are once again a cause of strife among mayors and officials. These struggles offer a rare glimpse into the deep injustice in land allocation in Israel, which perpetuates generations-long social inequality. Efforts to reform the location of land have been repeatedly met with failure, […]