The Job of a Pharmacist | Vibra Hospital of Charleston

Hey I’m David Cebula, Pharm D over at Vibra Hospital pharmacy in Charleston, South Carolina, just going over what we do here in the pharmacy department. Generally speaking, we’re responsible for distribution of medications and proper aseptic preparation of our IV’s. We also do a lot of pharmacal kinetic dosing of certain medications and monitoring […]

Ask Online Pharmacist – Steps to make OTC treatment guide for tourists

Hey, guys it’s me again My name is pratik and i’m a pharmacist based in vancouver i also founded a website called Patient and pharmacist calm that allows patients to ask questions online to a pharmacist In a way that speeds up the entire process of finding information online Anyways as you can, see it’s […]

When Pharmacy Gives Wrong Medication, Prescription, or Dosage (Simple Guide)

… Pharmaceutical Accident, Medication Error or Pharmacy Malpractice, they are all the same no matter what you call it. Over 1.3 million people are injured each year because of medication errors. There are nearly 100,000 death each year due to pharmacy mistakes. These mistakes cost us all nearly 70 billion dollars. Sadly, each mistake could […]

Sam: Pharmacist

I’m Sam. I’m a registered pharmacist in Coburg North in Melbourne. That wasn’t always the case. Around 18 months ago I had been hunting for a pharmacy internship for around about a year and was approached by the USEP program who made a video very similar to this one hoping to promote myself and raise […]