Istoria Binelui – Crucea Roșie Română / History of Goodness – Romanian Red Cross

For you I am an anonymous voice. I am talking about us, thousands of unknown volunteers of all ages. We can save your life when you least expect it. We can provide humanitarian aid when you cannot fend for yourself anymore. We are mobilized by humanity in which we believe and by the spirit of […]

Why Red Crosses Aren’t Allowed In Video Games

Hey everyone, I’m Melvin from Censored Gaming! The International Committee of the Red Cross has, in recent years, become quite protective of their logo’s use in various media, in this case video games. One of the latest products to be targeted is the game “Prison Architect”, from UK indie developer Introversion Software. The reasoning behind […]

Be Ready Utah PrepCast Episode 9: First Aid, Part 2 (Mass Care Emergencies and First Aid)

[jazzy music] Wade: Welcome back to the next episode of the Be Ready Utah PrepCast. This is part two of our First Aid episode. We’ve been talking about first aid for day-to-day emergencies and incidents, and we’re gonna be talking more today about mass care incidents or large-scale disasters and those types of things. Back […]

Feet Immobilisation Bandage | Singapore Emergency Responder Academy, First Aid and CPR Training

other bandaging techniques betagen technique fit bandage using triangular bandages for the narrow bandage ask the victim to immobilize both legs inside the triangular bandage below the victims and curves cross the bandage on top of the ankle continue bandaging on the sole of the feet then higher if not