FDA CDER Regulatory Science: Patient-Focused Drug Development

People with chronic diseases are really experts in that disease. They tell the FDA which factors matter when they choose a course of treatment, and that might be different than what doctors think. Under the PDUFA-5 Patient-Focused Drug Development Initiative, FDA committed to conducting a series of meetings focused on specific diseases. In the meetings, […]

Benefits versus risks approach to regulating therapeutic goods

Benefits versus risk approach to regulating therapeutic goods: information for consumers. The benefits and risks of medicines and medical devices. Medicines and medical devices are used when you are sick, or to prevent illness, To be effective they must modify the way the body works. This means there are risks, as well as benefits associated […]

Disaster Response Immediate Responder Advanced First Aid Kit and Trauma Pack

HI, I’m Steve Hull from SafetyStore.com and AllThingsFirstAid.com I wanted to talk to you today about the Immediate Responder Trauma kit that we offer. We’ve built these for about 10 years. Let me explain for a moment about how we created the kit and that may help you decide if it’s the kind of kit […]